The Journey of Our

Brinson Vintage bathroom Gallery Wall


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We’ve been renovating our historic bathroom for over a year now. It’s been a project filled with ups and downs, …

Crafting a beautiful life and living intentionally
is the heart of House of Brinson

CIRCA 2009 

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Spain: Color and Texture Inspiration


It’s quickly turning into fall in the Northeast, so while we hang on to the last week of summer, I …

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Color: Plum


Of course I was making jam this past weekend and loved the color of these plums so much I couldn’t …

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Color: Cream and Black


I recently found these vintage napkins my mom gave to me as a gift. I have not had the heart …

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Color: The End of Summer


As the summer draws to a close, we have already begun to lose the daylight that is such an inspiration …

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Color: Peaches and Cream


This soft color palette has been an ongoing theme in my life. It pops up over and over again, most …

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