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This post has affiliate links, if you buy something, I make a small commission. A few years ago, in our first two years of having our shop, I had a great resource for small, table top trees that resembled a Victorian feather tree. We sold them through the shop and they sold out fast! This tree has brought me so much joy, is a treat to decorate and has become one of the most loved holiday decorating moments in our home. Then last year I got a second table top tree, cause now I’m on a roll. 

In the years since the pandemic retail and manufacturing have changed and I haven’t been able to find my beloved tree. I looked into having them made, but it isn’t feasible for our small business. 

I wanted to provide a resource for the trees, because they are so much fun. If you have someone with a smaller space like an apartment, these are compact and still bring a lot of holiday spirit to the room. 

I would recommend buying these early since I find holiday sellout for certain things on the early side. I’m a lover of lists, so I’ve made a quick punch list of things to consider when setting up your tree. 

  • Size: I like a 3 ft or 4 ft tree for table top. I have a 3 ft pencil tree and a 4 ft regular tree I use each year. When ordering, check your sizes so you have an idea of how the tree will sit in the room. 
  • The 3 ft pencil tree. I love this style because it’s about eye level on a table top. It’s really low maintenance to set up and fits in storage small and compact (on mine, the branches bend in for storage). I don’t need a ladder, can use battery operated lights and a nice vessel for the tree pot. 
  • The 4 ft tree. I had this by our entry way last year and it was really tall on the higher side table I set it up on. It definitely makes a focal point in the room. If you want to set up an impactful tree but don’t have a lot of space, try this style of tree. It stayed away from my dogs wagging tail and didn’t take up floor space. 
  • Understand the base size and balance. Check the tree base so you know how to style the tree. I used a vessel/pot with rocks to hold the wooden base of the pencil tree. For the larger 4 ft tree, those come with a proper stand and I used moss to cover it since it went with my woodland them. (I used all mushrooms, birds and animals to create the vibe). 

Feather Tree

This feather tree from Williams Sonoma is closest to the tree I have in scale and number of branches. Shop Feather Tree.

Tabletop Trees

Tree Vessels

I would recommend getting your tree first, seeing how much height you want to add, plus how heavy the vessel needs to be to support the tree.

Larger Size Trees

House of Brinson Holiday Shop

Our shop has ornaments just like the ones I use on my trees. When sourcing, I’m inspired by vintage glass ornaments and different scales to create the look. Visit Shop House of Brinson.

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