The Brinsons

Our style is about contrast. Light and dark, old and new, masculine and feminine, rustic and polished, historical and futurist and city and country.

The Brinsons have been collaborating creatively for over 20 years. William and Susan met in high school, then attended Savannah College of Art and Design. William has a degree in photography, and Susan in design. After moving to NYC they each had their careers in their individual fields and began dabbling with the idea of working together as a team. They began working on their blog, House of Brinson, and defined what would become their careers by shaping a creative, collaborative team together. William and Susan are respected across many industries for their work together in commercial film and photography, advertising, blogging and teaching. Susan is also recognized for her interior design and design consulting with commercial and residential clients.

The House of Brinson blog started in 2009, and when the Brinson’s decided to move to the Hudson Valley, social media followed.The on-going renovation project of the dilapidated mansion, Stony Ford, leads the charge, followed by lifestyle, stories of adventures and food. 

William & Susan

“History and personal story telling is at the core of my soul. I'm passionate about taking the idea of the story and translating them into the visual of our home and personal style.”

— Susan Brinson

Susan grew up in a military family living across the United States, then attending college in Savannah, GA. After graduating Savannah College of Art and Design, Susan moved to NYC and began working as a designer in the advertising industry. In 2013, she began collaborating with Will at Studio Brinson, as a director and photographer. Recently, Susan has been working with consulting clients on a variety of design and strategic projects. Susan is a multi-hyphenate creative who is always curious. 

Susan Brinson


Scorpio / Taurus

Fast design. Anything expected.

Creative director + Antique hunter

not so much


Fabric covered lamp shades. Strong colors.

I like to think of myself as an image maker (still or moving) and a futurist/dreamer. I will spend all my money on an experience, and to experience it with others is all the better. I like the satisfaction of creating things from scratch, but I also admire a well made or beautiful object. Learning is the key to keeping young, and Susan's endlessly curious mind always keeps me on my toes. And my mischief keeps Susan on her toes.

Will Brinson



Disposable dinnerware. The phrase "with a twist". Mint.

director, photographer + cocktail maker

not so much


A manhattan cocktail. Carbon steel chef's knife.

After living in NYC for 13 years, we decided to buy a fixer-upper in the Hudson Valley named Stony Ford. We're on our eighth year of renovation, working one room at a time. A little bit gets done each year. Slow, intentional renovation is important to us. 

We have a preservation mindset when renovating – keeping to historic materials and processes when possible.  

Welcome to our home,
Stony Ford

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Alt Summit
National Kitchen and Bath Association, Moderator, 2021
National Kitchen and Bath Association, Moderator, 2022
Field + Supply, House Beautiful, 2022
Michele Varian Round Table

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