Spain: Color and Texture Inspiration

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It’s quickly turning into fall in the Northeast, so while we hang on to the last week of summer, I thought I’d be a perfect time to share some of our Spain trip with you. We’ll follow this post with a more in depth post about Spain with details like where we stayed and what we ate.

For now, let’s focus on the impression you get from visiting a country. I love looking at the textures and colors of a country, which can change by city or region. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about color because we are in process of choosing color palettes for our house. It’s hard to figure out what turns you on, and what excites you every day. So, I pay attention when I travel, taking snaps of objects and textures that I’m drawn to. It’s the perfect way to do some sleuthing when trying to determine what to put in your own home.

Barcelona is a lovely city. We visited the Gaudi church and based on the outside, which you have to like the style! I was shocked when I entered to find rainbow glass on soft white walls. It’s breath taking and visiting this church alone was worth the trip to Barcelona.

The Island of Menorca was probably my favorite for textures and color. I’m very into pink right now and there was a house painted pink and black, the eventual palette for our bedroom. I also love that everything was beautifully worn, leaving the mind to wander as to how long it had been there and what the history of a building, or even wall was. I find Europe in general very romantic. Maybe it’s the hint at history, or the softness of the colors. One thing I’ve discovered while exploring my own color preferences, is that I like color, but soft color. When traveling in Spain, I saw those soft, muted tones everywhere. Once in a while, I’d even see the softest muted color have an incredible amount of saturation because of the texture or surface the color was applied to, and I love this. I’ll work my hardest to recreate this at Stonyford.

Enjoy! I hope you’re inspired by these images and can find inspiration in your next adventure.


Interior of Gaudi church.
Interior of Goudy church.
Interior of Gaudi church.
Exterior of Gaudi church. 
How pretty is the texture of the door and cream of the building?


I love the graphic nature of this building, plus look at the little curtains! 
Black, white and grey perfection.
Loving the lace curtain and pretty gold hardware against the black door. 
This is the pink and black house I loved so much!
More pink and black.
This part of the island reminded me of a science fiction movie.
I wish I could have taken this home with me for a photography surface. So pretty!

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