Ghosts at Stony Ford?

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Alright, I know we bought an old house, I know this is cliche! I think we have a ghost or ghosts. Since we moved in, we’ve seen things out of the corner of our eye, and joked about ghosts. No big deal. This house has a nice calm, welcoming energy. This past weekend, we know we are not ‘alone’ in the house.

We had some friends and their dogs up from the city, and we enjoyed the best bagel, cream cheese and smoked fish brunch you could have dreamed of. Of course we’re chatting about the house and I read the history of Stonyford to our friends. I found this awesome account from a book called Recollections of Men and Horses by Hamilton Busbey. There’s a whole chapter on Stony Ford and the horse nursery that was here in the 1880s. I liked hearing about Uncle Charles (Backman) and the entertaining that took place at the house. Uncle Charles seemed like a real character who would be fun to hang out with today. He was all for punctual breakfasts, and no matter how hung over you were, you came to breakfast at 8:00 am. I read the chapter out loud to our friends.

Since then strange things have happened. It started with the staircase, and one of Nero’s dog friends not wanting to go up the stairs. Then out of no where, Nero wanders to the third floor without us, and I had to call him down. While this might not seem like a big deal, Nero is not the type of dog to wander off, he normal sticks with you in the house, unless he’s asleep. Then last night sealed the deal. I was woken up in the early morning by heavy boots walking above our bedroom on the third floor. It was so loud and distinct, boots on wood floors. Nero woke up and jumped in bed with us, and I cuddled Nero and went back to bed (with one eye open). I know it wasn’t an animal because we’ve been fortunate enough to have a squirrel stuck in the floor, and we know what that light scratching sounds like.

Yes, some people have died in the house. It doesn’t bother me in the least, because I’d want the same. It’s your home and where you’re most comfortable. We know Charles Backman, the famous trotting horse breeder, died in the house because of this account found online: it mentioned he was found in his chair. Let’s keep this in mind, this house has a nice calm energy. When we looked at other houses to buy, one in particular, was just flat out creepy. You went into it, and there was a bad energy. We came in Stony Ford, and immediately loved it. It has the energy of a party house that’s happy and fun.

We lived in a haunted house in Savannah, Ga, while we were in college. There was a little girl ghost there who liked pranks and playing with the dogs. Our boxer Caesar, was her playmate. You’d often see Caesar playing ‘alone’ and following something with his eyes. William really didn’t believe in ghosts at the time, but after him seeing her, and thinking it was me, he changed his tune.

Maybe we should finally burn that bundle of sage we’ve had sitting on the counter for weeks? Have you lived in a haunted house? Did ghosts keep you up all night?

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