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If you know even the littlest thing about Portland, Oregon you know its all about the food. Don't even try to joke about brunch or you might get cut. I have never seen so many people excited about brunch more than the Portlanders, and with good reason. I think they should rename it the 'baked eggs capital' of the USA. And what goes good with baked eggs, yup: smoked fish. Now, we are not just talking about the lonely, expected smoked salmon here. We are talking smoked haddock, trout and any other distinctly tasting fish. And it is all wonderful! I think I ate baked eggs almost everyday. The day I didn't, I was so disappointed. Now mix in a couple spicy bloody Mary's with a pickled garnish fit for royalty (or a decorative hair pin) and your off. Now, honestly it's not all about baked eggs, they do have these little doughnut type things that are made in a cast iron skillet that are just heaven in your mouth. A little lemon curd or jam, yum! And that's just brunch.

For lunches in PDX we went a little lighter because we wanted to be able to actually move during the day. A plate of chicken livers on toast and a local beer, from Sunshine Tavern, was just perfect for me. We happen to be in the city when it was about 28˚ outside so most of the famous food trucks were closed, and that just made us take dinner more seriously. And if you are going to go serious, you have to go to the Woodsman Tavern, 10 out of 10 hands down.

Here are few of the places we went:


Sweedeedee (must go)  


Lunch/Dinner casual:


Sunshine Tavern


Clyde Common

The Woodsman Tavern (must go)

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