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Lately, as you can tell, we have had Portland on our mind. We had a great trip out west and wanted to share a few thing about our trip. We had tons of recommendations from friends and they all said, “Portland is like Brooklyn, but nicer”. I think it’s so funny that we travelled so far to have the same things we have here. I feel like every trip we take, within the first day or so we run into someone who lives in NY. 

Following that trend, we stayed at the Ace Hotel in Portland, even though we live just blocks from one in NY. We had coffee every morning from Stumptown Coffee in the hotel. Now this is where we start seeing the difference between the two cities. In NY the Stumptown line is always so backed up we only stop in every now and then, in Portland four people max.

The energy of Portland and Brooklyn are similar, there are the creatives, local food purveyors and small shop owners with amazing finds. The people are a little more open to saying hello randomly, I attribute that to the fresh air. In general the people are just a little it nicer.

That being said, here’s a little peek of our stay in PDX and a quick day trip to the coast. 

More to come on a few of our favorite places to eat and some of the local makers and their wares….

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