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Nero is our second Boxer. We love the boxer breed because they are human-like and clownish. Our first boxer was calm and regal, an observer. After ten years with Ceasar, we decided to get another dog. Nero found us, a show dog reject from New Jersey. (He had some parts that weren’t quite working, if you catch my drift. We don’t judge.) We continued our roman emperor naming, only we didn’t realize what a tyrant Nero was while in power. Our dog Nero proved to follow in Emperor Nero’s footsteps. He flunked puppy preschool and is the most thickheaded dog I have ever met. And probably the sweetest as well. If you are lucky enough to be one of Nero’s buddies, we can say your name an hour before you come over and he will faithfully wait for you to open the door.

Nero was exactly what we needed and everything we didn’t expect. He is the ultimate clown and very thick headed. We can’t train him not to lick people, no matter what. If you have ever visited, you will get a complimentary bath from Nero. Nero has his own Facebook page and has had visitors from Europe stop by to meet him. Now he has a long distance Boxer lover buddy, Anna. Boxer lovers could be called some kind of doggie cult, we really love our dogs. In an over-the-top, they-are-not-really dogs, way. So much so, we understand the boxer’s need to be on all furniture, all the time. Yes, that is the reason why I buy all leather furniture and all linens are washable. Nero will actually pull down the covers of our made bed, so he can get comfortable on the pillows.

What we learned from Nero is that we are not perfect. We take life as it is delivered to us. We have this goofy dog who is scared of his own shadow and loves to LICK. Nero makes our house a home. Do your pets do the same?

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