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During the spring and summer months the cooler mornings are our favorite. We love to pack a little breakfast, grab Nero and head to Madison Square Park (it’s kind of like having a really big back yard that we never have to care for). This weekend was the perfect time. Most people were out of town, so the city was empty and peaceful.

I decided to make scones this weekend and packed them in glassine bags, with butter and homemade strawberry rhubarb jam wrapped in wax paper. I love packaging food like this if I want to sit and have something to eat, but am not going home afterwards. Wrapping things up like this simply avoids carrying around plastic containers all day while being conscious about creating only a little waste. 

Nero gets to enjoys squirrel watching and we get to enjoy the outdoors. So before the temperature rises to 100 degrees, take a little breakfast to the park and enjoy a few moments out of the house.

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