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We assembled a motley crew to take an ‘off the beaten path’ trip to Pennsylvania this last weekend. In the car we had Michelle from Holley & Gill, Mister Jonathan Legate, Nikole Nelson, Jamie Karabelas and of course William and myself. We were ready to get our hands dirty and look for some deals. The first purchase of the day was a lamp that Jonathan bought for a mere $10. It was mercury glass and in working condition. We don’t know how this will make its way to Canada. It might have to vacation at our place for a while (he he). Michelle bought a cute wooden shoe form that fit perfectly in her suitcase. Nikole and Jamie made many purchases for their kitchen that is under design renovation. 

After hitting one huge antique warehouse, we stopped for lunch at a diner that has been serving Philly cheese steaks for 80 years. We were the youngest customers by about 40 years. We knew it had to be great if people have been coming back all this time.

On the way to the next antique warehouse, our trip took a turn. We drove by a ‘barn sale’. We started begging like 6 year olds for William to turn that car around! There were lots of cool things in the barn like old horse tacks and great grandma’s steam trunk with original travel decals from around the world. We also found some rather racey reading material and extra curricular activity supplies. It is kind of strange sorting through other people’s things, you never know what you might find. We did find some great vintage cook books. We stick to what we know.

All in all we each bought a special treasure and had a fun day chatting. I even dragged Mister Legate into a Walmart for canning supplies. We might have picked up some Twinkies, Ho Ho’s and Ding Dongs as well. 

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