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We're renovating, exploring style and design with a dash of cocktail making and cooking thrown in. 

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We’re hosting a pot luck brunch at our home Stony Ford on Sunday, October 8th. We’re hosting the pot luck to celebrate the Beekman Boys new cookbook, A Seat at the Table. And what better way than to meet some of our neighbors? We’d love if some of our instagram followers could join us for the pot luck. If you’re local to Orange County in the Hudson Valley (Goshen area) or you can provide your own transportation, enter below and we’ll randomly choose two people to join us!

Looking forward to meeting some new local friends.

Enter by Friday, October 6 by midnight. 


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  1. Ivy de Leon says:

    Oh, this sounds wonderful! Brussels sprouts, bacon, and apples.

  2. Emily R says:

    This sounds so wonderful! Unfortunately I’ll be weezing my way through 13.1 miles in Boston. Have fun!

  3. Walter Fairfax says:

    Given the peak catch season in Maine, I think this calls for Lobster! Maybe a dip or casserole depending on the lineup ??

  4. Reba says:

    Spanakopita always seems to make a nice addition…greens plus flakey pastry is hard to refuse

  5. Kristin says:

    Ahhhhh! I wish I still lived there! My husband and I lived in Orange County until 2013 and we miss it!

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