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I hope September is treating you right. Still can’t get over it’s here, and halfway over. Where did 2017 go? We’ve had a lot going on and I thought it’d be best to do a quick post to round it all up!

We were on a pod cast! If you want to know all the goopy details about us, here it is. We talk about Stony Ford, style and Susan’s experience growing up in military housing, have a listen here. And if you need a dose of design inspiration, subscribe to Little Yellow Couch. My favorites were from Jersey Ice Cream Co., Erica Reitman, Jojotastic, and Flea Market Fab.

Cheviot did a round up on bloggers to follow, and we were blushing when we found out they included us on this list.

Diving into a bit of old home geekiness for a bit. I can spend hours and talk your ear off when it comes to house history. It’s a problem. Thank goodness Robert from Curbed wanted to chat about how we research the history of our home. If you love old homes, you’ll fall in love with Robert! See his author profile and follow him on Instagram.

If you follow us on Instagram Stories, you’d have seen my insane ranting about how I’m going to get a British accent, a messy bun and a caftan so I can be just like Mrs. Broadbent. This is House of Hackney’s campaign video for ‘More is More’, a lifestyle I wholeheartedly endorse.

I admit to watching this video over, and over again. In fact, if you come over, I might make you watch it. Hip-hop dancer, Lil Buck talks about how he combines ballet and hip-hop styles of dance. Content like this that transcends cultural expectations to product art, plain and simple.

This Bruno Mars video has the best illustration and a simple set. Look at how dirty the seamless paper is under his feet. I think they did a few takes? 🙂

We heard this song on the radio and thought it was the sound track for some Will Farrell movie? Alas it’s the new Killers song, The Man. Pure genius in the lyrics, if you need a pep talk just pretend you’re ‘The Man’. The best lyric in the song is “I got gas in the tank, I got money in the bank, I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man”. We all know that feeling.

We can’t leave video land without a mention of The Weeknd. I admit, I’m completely obsessed. He’s reached Michael Jackson status in my mind. In the video for Starboy, he kills his old self, and emerges with a new hair cut (!!!!) only to question and destroy what stardom has made him. Love the symbolism, especially with the cat. “We don’t pray for love, we pray for cars.” A collaboration with Daft Punk. Does it get any better? Nope. (PS: Explicit lyrics in the video, make sure the kiddos aren’t around.)

Old Home Love has a show on Facebook! Head over to their FB page to check it out and subscribe so you get a weekly ping when a new episode comes out.

Next month we’re hosting a community potluck for The Beekman Boys new cookbook, A Seat at the Table. The book is all about community and food, which is close to our hearts. Follow the hashtag #haveaseat on Instagram.

This month and next month is a busy one for us. If you’d like to follow the day-to-day happenings, be sure to look out for our Instagram stories.

House of Brinson

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  1. Rachel says:

    Great updates! I loved that Mrs. Broadbent video when you shared it on Instagram and have also watched it a bunch of times!

    My current old house with some fun history obsession is this one in Stony Point, NY, I think their grandson is the one selling it now but it was bought by Cipe Pineles and William Golden in the 50’s, I believe. From the stories in the comments and the vibe of the house it sure seems like it was well-loved and full of fun memories. You just know they threw some great parties back in the day. Imagine all the great magazines that are in those stacks! I hope who ever buys it treats it well!

    • I’ve seen that house too! I had a friend look into it and the taxes were so high – not sure why. It’s not on a lot of acreage. Fingers crossed someone buys it soon – I’m already assigning myself to be besties with them. 🙂

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