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Living with hand made items is a complete luxury. On that note, we want to introduce you to our friends at DBO Home because they are the ultimate in hand made luxury. Really, I get obsessed with items and never forget when I see something in a store that I love. I first saw DBO Home ceramics at ABC Carpet and Home, which is the destination for anything home related in NYC. If you ever have a chance to visit ABC, you’ll be happy you did – it’s one of the best styled and most unique stores I’ve ever shopped. Just the windows alone are worth a walk by. After seeing the ceramics in ABC, I’d see them at the most amazing restaurants – thinking ‘I know that plate’.

We finally met Dana and Danny at a trade show and became fast friends. Dana and Danny are just the type of people we love. They know luxury and live it every day. Their home and studio is in a quiet town in Connecticut, where they decided to move after leaving the fast pace of NYC. Their home has an old silo, quaint gardens and a sense of casualness that reminds you how nice it is to live life on your terms. While capable of producing the crazy beautiful luxury items we all pine for, Dana and Danny don’t get caught up in the pretentiousness of the luxury industry. I can appreciate that because I can see them reflected in their art, not who someone else thinks they should be.

I’ve had many conversations about the concept of perfectly imperfect with Dana, something we both yearn for. It’s great to see a stack of perfectly machine made plates, but it soothes the soul and lets your eye wander up and down a stack of hand made plates that are slightly different. Perfectly made by the human hand, making them each a little imperfect.

I’ll leave you here with some images images. Above you can click through a studio tour. Dana making ceramics and Danny making furniture and metal works. You can find them online at DBO Home and their products in places like West Elm.

DBO_Battuto_MultiColor_DessertBowls_Hero DBO_Winter_2015_RegistryStack_2DBO_Burl_Mussel_BowlDBO_Winter_2015_Battuto_Tea_2_FullDBO_Karma_Fog_02 DBO_Kashmir_Blush_Platters_Hero DBO_Mahru_IndigoGreen DBO_Winter_2015_RegistryStack_2DBO_Winter_2015_cashmere_set DBO_Winter_2015_Cashmere_DinnerParty_22X14 DBO_Winter_2015_Battuto_Tea_2_Full DBO_Winter_2015_Battuto_IceBuckets DBO_Winter_2015_Battuto_Bowlcup DBO_Winter_2015_Battuto_3

House of Brinson / DBO Home

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