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Working on a big, long term house renovation project has taught me to see the little luxuries in life. The perfect breakfast, or sitting down with my favorite magazine for a a few minutes. It all depends on our busy lives and what we personally view as a luxury. A luxury to us isn’t related to something expensive, but an experience we appreciate. There are times when we treat ourselves to a little something extra special, and when we do, we try and include that item into our life as much as possible. For me, the luxury I love most is light. The light on our third floor, in the rear of the house is so inspiring. It makes me feel like I’m back in time, in a Rembrandt painting, living in a time warp. I look at peeling wall paper and paint in that room and find it beautiful because the light makes it so. Sometimes it’s objects, like the plates our friends at DBO Home made for us, and we use every day. I think of Dana in her studio and how much time and attention she put into each piece. It’s luxurious to use hand made items daily.

What’s your version of luxury?

It is time spent alone or with someone you love? Is it an object that you enjoy using, or maybe an experience that brings you joy or peace.

We’ll be sharing our luxuries weekly on Instagram and hope you’ll join in the visual conversation. We’ve enjoyed the community on Instagram and how much much everyone inspires us. We hope to continue sharing and inspiring each other to seek a little luxury everyday. Use the hash tag #howiseeluxury to join in. See you on Instagram @houseofbrinson.

Stony Ford Estate #howiseeluxury

Stony Ford Estate #howiseeluxury

DBO Home #howiseeluxury

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