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We wanted to share our Thanksgiving table with you! I had a renovators break down last week cause I was so sick of seeing all the bare light bulbs in our house (the light fixtures were auctioned before we purchased the house). But being realistic: about 200 bats in our attic ate my lighting budget. Like the entire budget. So I will have to go on looking at bare bulbs for a bit longer.

I couldn’t imagine hosting Thanksgiving with a bare bulb in the middle of the room, so I asked Will to put a decorative bulb in, just a single bulb hanging down. Then I made a fixture out of two wreath forms and some chain from Lowe’s. No kidding! It looks amazing! I promise a how-to on this before Christmas. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, and how good it looks. Promise: details, drawings, the works.

Setting the table

I used things I already had to set my table. Every once in a while I’ll buy something holiday themed, but I try to keep stock of my favorite go-to items. I change it up with flowers that are seasonal, and for Thanksgiving I like to go a little luxe because this holiday is ALL about the table. I really enjoy flower arranging, so holidays are a real treat to come up with ideas, go to the flower market and be inspired.

This year having a buffet saved me! Our kitchen is in dire need of renovation and there is no where near enough space for storage. I put all our entertaining dishes on this buffet so it’s easy access when set the table. I also put the dessert dishes on the buffet. After a stuffing ourselves with dinner, dessert, after dinner coffee and cocktails are a buffet. Help yourself!

I thought it best to round up our favorite holiday dishes from past posts. I’ll be making a few of these tonight and tomorrow, while I wait for our guests to arrive.


House of Brinson: Thanksgiving sideboard


House of Brinson: Thanksgiving hanging wreath light fixture


House of Brinson: Thanksgiving center piece


House of Brinson: Thanksgiving hanging wreath light fixture


House of Brinson: Thanksgiving table setting


House of Brinson: Keep it simple with monochrome table wear


House of Brinson: Thanksgiving table setting

I thought it best to round up our favorite holiday dishes.

I’ll be making a few of these tonight and tomorrow, while I wait for our guests to arrive.

  • Since we’re expecting a snow storm, we plan on starting a fire and enjoying some Mulled Wine.
  • This recipe is a long time family favorite, and was passed down from William’s Grandma. It’s toasted nuts! Perfect to munch on between meals, or a nice addition to a cookie box, these only take about 15 minutes active time, then you put them in the oven.
  • Each year I home make my own cranberry sauce. I love the texture of the jellied cranberry sauce so I run mine through a food mill.
  • My mom used to make these cookies every Thanksgiving. If you have kids, these are the perfect project, and you don’t have to prepare anything, just line up the ingredients and watch the cookies come together.

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