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What would the close of summer and beginning of fall be without a little s’mores action? A fire pit is the perfect place to cook up your s’more. At our house, we didn’t do any, if much, landscaping this year so we could see what the season would yield. Now that we’ve been here almost a year (if you can believe that!) it’s time to scope out the perfect location for a fire pit. We’re going to ask our neighbor if we can put it in a clearing we have in the woods, but I want to make sure we won’t burn anything down first! Our neighbor kinda knows everything about the great outdoors, so we always ask him before we do anything city slicker silly!

Last year when we moved in, we put the fire place to use pretty quickly and started making s’mores in using it. The fire place became our little bit of luxury during the long, cold winter. If you don’t have a fire pit or fire place, a broiler works just fine too. Just make sure you watch it so your marshmallow doesn’t catch on fire (ahem, I might be speaking from experience here).

I think you could get pretty fancy with s’mores, but honestly, it’s the one kind of food I like pretty classic. I want them to be simple to make, no fuss, and gooey to eat. It’s the perfect sweet of the marshmallow and chocolate and salty of the graham cracker. Of course there’s nothing wrong with putting a little smear of peanut butter or honey on the classic as a variation.

Simply S’mores Non-Recipe

Rather than a recipe, I present you with a gather list and shopping list.


  • Fire source
  • Wood stick for marshmallow toasting

Shopping List

  • Marshmallows (We like the campfire size. They’re HUGE!)
  • Graham crackers
  • Chocolate bars

Have fun with making s’mores with your friends and family this fall. Or if you’re bored one night and want to spice it up, you know what to do. Make s’mores.

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