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A few exciting things are happening around here. First, a new unique shopping experience site has just launched. Second, we’re excited to announce that we will be part of the experience as a taste makers and as makers.

Let me tell ya how this works: As tastemakers, we have our own boutique where we curate and sell from makers. We get to feature the makers we admire in our boutique, so you can see exactly what we’re loving and who’s making it. As a maker, you showcase your amazing wares, create a whole new audience with the taste makers of and then ship it.

When I first heard about this new site, I almost jumped up and down. Yes! This is exactly what we need. Whenever I get super excited about a product, I want to shout it to the world. Now I can feature it in my boutique and introduce our audience to the makers we love. I am beyond excited about this, check out our boutique here.

We are a maker too! I’ve thought about selling our work for a long time, maybe over a year. Two things happened in a lovely way, that only fate can organize. One, after leaving my corporate job, I wanted to diversify our business and begin selling our work. Second, I was at an event for Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia and I met Lori Nix who was also from New York. I knew Lori as a fine artist (she’s amazing, see her work here) then she mentioned that she also is a partner at Jam Editions. One of the many talents of those at Jam Editions is printing stunning fine art images. After speaking with Lori and her partner, Kathleen, we knew it was the perfect fit. And with that, I give you our peonies print. It is stunning from a distance and looks like a painting. When you get close and realize it’s a photograph, it makes you reconsider. I love the romantic notion of florals, so we’ll continue to photograph for this series. I hope you enjoy and take a moment to check out today.

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  1. Amy says:

    I’ve been following on instagram for a while and just decided to take a stroll through your blog. I always love your tone and consideration of things. I tried to click the link, but it’s now a dead end. Do you still sell prints, just somewhere else?

    • Amy, Thanks for commenting. Yes, I’m afraid has since closed. We can have prints made. I’ll se if I can grab your email via your comment and send you a note. We do still sell prints, we haven’t found a new retailer just yet. Thanks and I’ll be in touch. ~S

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