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It’s a rainy, dreary day in New York so I thought what better way to brighten it up than a give away? Tomorrow is Alt on Topic: Styling and I’ve had the pleasure of gathering my favorite teachers for a full day of styling classes. When selecting the classes and teachers, I thought about the challenges that bloggers and small business owners are facing. I really enjoy teaching, and especially online teaching, because you can access very specific information from any location.

To start the day I’ll be teaching an overview class on styling and how to create your own look with strong art direction. This is a great way to start the day because it will set the base for all the other classes. 

Next up is artist Bobby Lucy, who I’ve asked to teach a class on style inspiration. Each month I have the pleasure of hearing Bobby introduce an artist for The Secret City. I’ve always been really inspired by Bobby’s in-depth knowledge of the creative and art world. He’s going to discuss style icons like Diana Vreeland and Martha Stewart, and how their style created who they are as a person, and contributed to their businesses. Check out Bobby’s website and if you love a good cute animal photo, you’ll have to follow Bobby’s Animal page on Facebook. I think I’m a ‘liker’ of every image! 

Then food stylist Suzanne Lenzer is going to teach a food styling class that is a must-take if you’re a food blogger. We know Suzanne professionally, as we photographed for magazines, cook books and advertisements with her. I discussed with Suzanne how different the blogging side is vs the photo industry side. I told Suzanne when I’m doing the food styling for our blog, I struggle to get it really polished looking! She makes it look so easy when we’re on set (and that’s the mark of a true pro!). So, Suzanne is going to share some of her best tips and tricks for food styling. I think it will help improve your food styling when you’re the photographer, stylist AND the food stylist! 

Join me for a lunch social hour and chit chat. Make sure you have some snacks on hand. 

After lunch is Tiziana Agnello who’s going to share very specific styling information. Whether your a blogger or small business owner, sometimes you have to style a t-shirt and you need those secret tips on how to make it look great? Tiz is going to share it all! I’m really excited that Tiz is teaching this class because we’ve known her through the photo industry as a stylist, and she also has a small business that she grew from the ground up. I was talking with her and explaining that bloggers and small business who are taking their own pictures for their products could use some super secret industry knowledge, making sure the styling is top notch and their products shine. Stop by and check out the cutest pet products at Love Thy Beast, and make sure to follow Love Thy Beast on Instagram if you love some animal photos. 

We end the day with the lovely Ginny Branch Stelling. I’ve known Ginny since I first started blogging and she’s always been a tremendous inspiration for me. Her aesthetic is out of this world. Aside from having an amazing aesthetic, Ginny has experience working on many different types of shoots. She’s going to give us all the info on planning a shoot. There’s so much behind the scenes stuff that has to be coordinated, it can get complicated! I like to think of great planning as disaster prevention! Seriously, good planning will make shoot day go smoothly, so you can focus on creativity. Be sure to visit Ginny’s website and blog, plus follow her on Pinterest. Her Pinterest boards are the best. 

If you’d like a free ticket to the event, the first five commenters below will get a ticket. Good luck!

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