Big Apple BBQ 2013

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Now that we are in our third heatwave in NYC, and it's kinda like a BBQ outside, what better to share than the Big Apple BBQ festival! This has to be one of my favorite local festivals we have locally in NYC. I know you don't think of New York City and BBQ, but we hit it hard. We have the great guys up at Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem and the ringleaders of the festival at Blue Smoke in mid-town. And with welcome arms the festival hosts pit masters from across the US. My fav is the Carolina style BBQ, you can never go wrong with that!

In case you don't know, Carolina style is pulled pork on a fluffy bun topped with vinegar based BBQ sauce and coleslaw. Once a year my family meets up in North Carolina for a family reunion. And the tradition on the way home is to stop in Ralph's BBQ for one last tasty treat!

It's great to catch up with folks we see once a year and see what kind of crackling masterpieces they've made. The only disappointing part about the whole thing is how much I could cram into my stomach. I even skipped breakfast!

I hope you get a chance to enjoy some BBQ this summer, and if your in NY check out the BBQ scene. Enjoy!

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