Shopping Vintage: The Health Chair

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A little bit of vintage chat to start the week. My sister is visiting NYC for the weekend and I’m helping her decorate her first home. We decided a little sister quality time was necessary in order to furnish three rooms in Heather’s house. We’re going to visit the north and south fork of Long Island. I was out in Long Island for a little R&R a few weekends ago and loved the vintage and antiques shops. I’m a little nuts and will shop pretty much anywhere for antiques. Have a dirty barn you don’t want to clean out? I’m your gal. 

I’d been eyeing the ‘health chair‘ pictured above for some time. When I saw one at a shop in Greenport, I knew I had to put that in the trunk and take it home! The health chair has an amazing design history. It was designed by Herman H. Sperlich in 1938 for the Ironrite Ironer Co. in Detroit, Michigan. It was originally designed for the company’s employees, and has wonderful lower back support. It’s really quite comfortable for being made out of steel and plywood.

So, thanks 1938, for the health chair, nylon toothbrush, ballpoint pen and Bugs Bunny.

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