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Yes, I have completely gone over the edge and decided I want to make my own cheese. After seeing a recipe in the cookbook "Home Made" by Yvette Van Boven, and how easy they made it seem, I knew I had to try it. I kind of knew this was a long time coming, I have secretly had a subscription to Culture Cheese magazine last year and drooled over it. I think there was even a goat centerfold, just kidding.

So I did my research and then said "if I was a dutch farmer how would I do this?". I would hang up the cheese in a dimly lit barn, like a Vermeer painting and watch the liquid drip out of it until it was ready. Romantic, huh!

Well it is honestly doesn't take a lot of effort to make cheese, but it isn't necessarily economical either. It would have to be a true passion to make it worth it to me. My cheese wasn't bad, it was just a little over cooked. Nothing a little honey and salt and pepper couldn't cure.

All in all it was an experience I'm glad I had. Now I give complete praise to all you cheese makers out there and your animals.

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