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Creative funk: This ever happen to you? It’s kind of like you are on a treadmill and you just can’t turn the thing off? You hit a brick wall idea wise, or your ideas just don’t sound that exciting?

Well, that is where I’m at folks. I think looking at sites like Pinterest and so many other blogs confuse my visual self (although I love them as well because they provide inspiration). I almost feel overwhelmed with media and images, so much so I am not as sensitive visually. So my next question is what does one do to recover? Here are some of my steps I will take to recover:

No media for a week and two weekends. 

If I actually do this, I want an award. I LOVE my iPad. Like really love.

Buy a cross stitch kit. 

I love doing projects with my hands. I need a project like this.

Keep a real visual journal.

I have never been a good journal keeper. I want to be, and admire people who excel at this. My college roommate and friend, Susan Nortonis my champ. She has stacks of journals with illustrations and thoughts.

Leave the building.

For those of you that know me well, know that I live and work in the same building. I live on one floor and work on another. Some days I don’t leave. I thought living and working so close would be awesome, and it is awesome if you want to do laundry during your lunch. I have to make an effort to leave the building. Period. If you want to get a drink, I am game.

What do you do to stay creative?

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