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Summer certainly went by fast. I love the cooler weather so this time of year is officially my favorite time to be outdoors. Some people get excited about picnics during the summer, however I will only go in the morning or evening when it is a bit cooler. I just can’t see sitting outside in 100 degree weather! Now, is the perfect time to picnic or sit outside and eat.

My favorite picnic food is chicken salad sandwiches. Now, they can be a little plain and difficult to get excited about, however if you use this one trick to make your sandwiches, they will taste wonderful.

Chicken Salad

  1. Boil water and add your skinless, boneless chicken cooking until done. I like to cut mine in 2-3 inch pieces so they cook faster.
  2. Chop up chicken while still warm into super small pieces.
  3. Salt and pepper the chicken really well, don’t skimp on this step.
  4. Mix in your mayo until you get your desired texture.

Let me mention a few important steps. Step 2 and 3, are very important. I like to work with warm chicken so it absorbs the salt and pepper, and I like to salt the chicken, not salt the mayo. I think this one step makes a world of difference in taste. I also like the texture of my chicken salad to be very finely chopped. I don’t like large chucks of chicken that are dry in the middle, and the mayo not being mixed in.

Now for the fun part! Time to dress the sandwiches. If you are having a fancy party, you can serve the sandwiches open face. I also love to add grapes and toasted almonds to add another level of flavor. Another favorite is roasted red peppers (the kind you buy in a jar).

How do you like your chicken salad? Any secrets or tips for the perfect result?

A big thank you to Rebecca Jurkevich for food styling this shoot. I can’t begin to express how talented she is and the level of expertise she brings to the table. Amazing for sure!

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