Homemade Tomato Sauce

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As you can see at every market the tomatoes are still overflowing. So what can you do with the 20 lbs of tomatoes for $10? Make sauce!

I have to say this sounded very romanticized to make our own tomato sauce and save it for the winter. The taste would be an amazing pop when all the other tomatoes fell flat in during that time of year. But what no one told us is that it takes a huge amount of tomatoes to make tomato sauce! By the time you cook down the tomatoes and run them through a food mill, you are left with an amazing sauce that fits in two big jars! That's it, two jars, I couldn't believe this.

So if you come over for dinner, I'm not sharing. I have named them like children and they will sit on the shelf until we have a special occasion, a real important special occasion.

That all being said, it was fun to spend time in the kitchen with Susan and we had a good laugh over the small quantities we made. The adventures in canning!

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