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I’ve been on such a seafood kick after an evening at Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar. I could have practically eaten two dozen oysters and still ordered more! 

There is such an anticipation for the summer, sea and what it all brings to the table. When I can’t belly up to the bar and have a few oysters, I love making a big steaming pot of cockles. These little guys are the sweet treat of the clam family. Sometimes we steam them with a little butter, wine, shallots, tomatoes and fresh herbs. That and a nice crusty loaf of bread and you’re set. If we happen to have more people over, I just boil up some angel hair pasta. During the last minute of cooking, I add the pasta to the broth with the clams. Delicious.

A great tip for preparing clams at home is to soak them in a bowl of cold saltwater for 20 minutes. This makes them spit out the sand, and removes the gritty texture.

Clams or any other small shellfish only take a few minutes to cook, so you can put together a meal in minutes. What are you waiting for, have your own personal seafood fest tonight!

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