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We have finally made some decisions about our bedroom design. I have overcome my fear of color in the process. This is a big step for me as I am extremely noncommittal when it comes to color. After one too many drinks and me spilling my color emotion guts to our good friend Nikole Nelson (talented set stylist extraordinaire), I was cured. I picked two colors of paint that I liked, then she tinted the spectrum, from light to dark, more red, more blue or even yellow. In the end I would have never come close to picking the two original colors we started with. In the image above you will see only a small selection of the samples Nikole made up for us. From there we picked a color and the paint store scanned it with a gun for a custom color.

My second point of inspiration is the Dwell Studios fabric. When combing the web for a perfect fabric for accents, I fell in love with this modern Chinoiserie. We went to the UNdecorate book party and I really enjoyed reading about that concept in decorating. I started to watch our existing bedroom, what I like, what I didn’t. I have come to the realization that bed linens are one of the best ways to make over a space. Period. It is also one of the easiest ways to let a space become stale.

Time for a change. I hope you will check out the after photos in a few weeks and see some of the projects we mentioned come to life.

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