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We are so pleased to share one of our favorite companies, Archival Clothing. We were first introduced to Archival Clothing with their bags. I admit, we can trash a market bag faster than you can say ten pounds of apples, tens time fast. However, the Archival Clothing bags are built to last. Their products also take into consideration where they’re made and how they’re produced. The items Archival manufactures are made in America, which is SO important to help sustain our economy. I can not stress this enough, when we shop we take this into consideration. It is refreshing to see traditional manufacturing carry on. The team at Archival is so nice, and truly care about the products they make. You can follow them on their blog.

Pictured Above, Top: Archival Clothing Tote, $90 Bottom: Archival Clothing Rucksack, $240

The Tote is our go-to shopping bag when venturing to the farmers market for fruit and veggies to can. The wide straps distribute the weight evenly, which is helpful when you have a heavy load. The Rucksack is the sexiest backpack I have ever seen. If you like the idea of a backpack, but don’t want to carry a typical back pack because you are too stylin’, check out the Rucksack.

Pictured Above: MacAusland’s Wool Throw, $75

These wool blankets are simple and timeless. For anyone who loves design and a well made product, these blankets are hard to resist. I also love that these are made in Canada by a family business. I have to give a shout out to Canada!

Pictured Above: Archival Clothing Plain Musette, $50

We are iPad junkies so when we saw these bags we were super excited! They fit an iPad perfect. So for all those lucky ducks who will get an iPad for the holidays, make sure this is the first accessory you get!

Pictured Above: Billykirk Abstract Leather Cuff, $60 and Billykirk Leather Cuff, $45

These are a great accessory for men who are usually limited to watches and shoes.These are handmade in the U.S.A. The leather is beautiful and will just get better with age.

Pictured Above: Archival Clothing Webbing Belt, $24

These classic belts are a wardrobe essential. They and are much nicer than the standard fare with a lovely brass buckle and leather tab.

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