Vanilla Pears: A New Winter Memory

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With Susan, on her newly found obsession of canning, I’m learning so much about which things come with what season. It’s amazing what simple things we take for granted, like fruit. I grew up with apple and pear trees in my grandparents yard. There really didn’t seem to be anything special about it, at the time. But now we rent a car and drive upstate and pay people to let us pick their fruit (this sounds abserd just typing it).

Well now with my appreciation and understanding, I savor what we have. Recently, Susan picked up some pears to can, since they’re in season. She made her light syrup and then added a vanilla bean to each jar. If that doesn’t make you salivate, the golden pear color will. I’m not sure if I want to photograph their beauty or eat them. Well I guess I already photographed them…

I think without knowing it we may have created a new winter memory. A tradition I would like to repeat year after year. Maybe there is something to this canning craze?

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