Thanksgiving: Napkins

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I love using real napkins. Yes, I have my fancy, patterned paper napkins for casual get togethers. However, there is something about having a real cloth napkin in your lap that makes the occasion feel special. I pull all 24 of these out on Thanksgiving. I am writing about this early, because I have to start ironing them now! No bother with a little bit of planning, I will be ready to go a few days before Thanksgiving. These are my favorite go to napkins from Williams Sonoma. Each year I try to buy another package, so I maintain the collection.

I classic with napkins because I couldn’t think of scrubbing stains out of a vintage set. Here is how I clean my napkins. This technique for linen care has never failed me. First rinse in cold water and shake off any food, then spot treat stains and rinse. In cold water and a little bleach soak for 20 minutes. Rinse and wash by hand or by machine. I never dry them because if there is a stain, it will be heat set. Before I iron the napkins, I might see a stain I didn’t get out last time, so I skip the ironing and throw it back in the wash pile.

Are linen napkins worth the fuss?

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