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This Saturday we joined Amy Cao with Food Spotting for a Halloween dessert crawl. One Saturday, five shops and a sugar crackout! To say the least this was fantastic!

Our first stop was The Little Pie Company, for warm pumpkin pie. Second stop was the Sullivan Street Bakery for a torta di yucca and a small jelly doughnut. Third was Holey Cream for doughnut sandwich with pumpkin gelato, yes a doughnut sandwich people! If this wasn’t enough sugar we still had two places to go. Next and our forth stop was Amy’s Bread for a devils food cake cupcake with orange icing. And last but not least, was Kyotofu for a deconstructed pumpkin cupcake and a little sake mac and cheese for a sugar break.

Amy Cao was such an entertaining host and made the whole trip so much fun. If you haven’t seen the Food Spotting app, you must check it out! If you would like to follow in our footsteps, check out the map here. Be prepared for a sugar overload.

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