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One of the most frequent questions I get on Instagram stories is skin care and make up products. I don’t consider myself a beauty blogger but wanted to make a page to share what I use. Here’s my criteria: I only share it if I’d buy it twice.

I’m making recommendations based on my personal skin. I’m over 40 (!!!!) and have fair, dry, hyper-pigmented and red skin. I would totally use any of these products in my 30s or even 50s. 

I shop a lot with the same brands. You’ll notice LaMer, Tata Harper and Chantecaille for a lot of my recommendations. Great products can add up, and these perform for me. You’ll also notice I link a lot to Nordstrom. That’s where I normally shop for make up and skin care (also located close to me). They have a great rewards program, plus I love the smaller kits they sell around the holidays. You can try a product or skin care system before making a huge investment. 

Don't worry, it's a post about paint stripping and using a product called Peel Away. No pole involved. Yet. 

There are so many paint brand on the market! How does one know where to start? I dish my pros and cons of each brand.
we've used. 

Decorating your home is all about setting and owning a style. I'm a self described Avant Revivalist. Join my style journey.




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