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Still trying to source that amazing French Chateau lifestyle...

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Cafe Curtain Rods

Product highlight

I use these cafe curtain rods all over the house. Either to achieve a certain look or to work with our old window casings. They come in lots of finishes like brass and nickel.  The inside mount version is the one I use in bathrooms and the front mount I've used for traditional curtains. These are custom sized, so they look professional when installed (no spring load slipping when you open and close the curtain). 


Product highlight

Enjoying a cocktail is not only about the drink itself but also the vessel it's served in. This coupe glass is one of our most used glasses. Light weight but not too precious, and it has a beautiful clinking sounds when it's time to 'cheers'. 


Don't worry, it's a post about paint stripping and using a product called Peel Away. No pole involved. Yet. 

There are so many paint brand on the market! How does one know where to start? I dish my pros and cons of each brand.
we've used. 

Decorating your home is all about setting and owning a style. I'm a self described Avant Revivalist. Join my style journey.




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