My Favorite Vintage Item in Our House

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I joined in with my online (and real life) friends so we can all share our favorite vintage item and how we use these cherished objects in our home. This is a serious group of vintage decor lovers, hop over and see what Sarah from Room for Tuesday, Kyla from House of Hipsters and Chloe from Boxwood Avenue wrote about.

I’d say our house is easily 85% vintage items and decor. There are ‘new to me’ things, but not newly produced items. Part of this attraction is my personal aesthetic. I feel more connected and grounded to items that have some wear and tear and texture to them (meaning they feel a little ‘used’). The other part is a combination of appreciating items made well and not adding anything to a landfill.

When selecting the items of my ‘favorite’ it was difficult. I watched my personal habits and the items I am most attached to are the ones I use daily. My collection of little spoons sit by the coffee maker in our mahogany paneled kitchen (read: unrenovated kitchen). I arranged them on a tray in different sized vintage French mustard jars.

These little spoons, and the occasional fork or knife, are always on the ready to style a cheese board, embellish and afternoon espresso tray or simply stir a morning coffee. I’ve bought most of the spoons but some were gifts from Will, family and friends. A tiny spoon is kinda the perfect gift. It’s incredibly useful, it’s the item you didn’t know you needed, an object of beauty and no matter the size of your home, it’s small and not a burden.

Ideas for Styling Tiny Spoons

  • Small vessels like these vintage French mustard pots make for the perfect holder. Choose a container that fits the scale of the spoons.
  • Small glass vessels will show off the handles
  • Add a spoon (or other tiny piece of cutlery) to whatever you are serving. Trust me, you and anyone you’re serving will delight in the novelty of the moment.

Tips for Collecting

I’ve been collecting tiny spoons for probably 20 years or so. Here’s a few tips for starting or adding to your collection.

  • Consider sticking to a metal. Most of my spoons are silver, and I have a few wooden and brass one’s. I find sticking to a metal helps have a cohesive looking collection.
  • Collect varying sizes so you can pick the correct scale for the dish you use.
  • Bless the Victorians for having a piece of silverware for every purpose. Skinny shaped spoons, wide spoons, flat spoons. Find spoons with different shapes that will serve different purposes. For instance, my jam spoon is a wide, flat spoon that presents the perfect dollop. Did you know the Victorians invented the spork? It’s an ice cream spoon. True story.

Here’s a link to blogs with lots of vintage style for some inspiration!

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Boxwood Avenue
House of Hipsters
Room for Tuesday

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  1. Ruth says:

    Love this, and final have gathered mine together into pots/receptacles to enjoy and remember to use! The best ‘tiny’ utensil that I’ve ever purchased was 8 fruit knives (about 5.5 inches long) with chased metal handles. There were 6 in a grape leaf pattern, 2 with strawberry vines all bundled together. An amazing bargain as well as just lovely, and so useful for those long dinners where you bring out the figs, or the pears, and some nuts along with the last bottles of wine or the port. Hope to see those days again. 🙂

  2. Probably the most helpful and straightforward guide for Styling spoons I’ve ever read. Thanks!

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