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Will has been doing Cocktail Hour on Instagram through our Stay At Home time during the COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s a way for us to pause in our day and relax, separating the day for us. We’re like most people and forget what day of the week it is and are loosing track of days. Even if you don’t have a cocktail everyday, do make sure Friday and Saturday night are special.

Here are some of my favorite items that we use at our home bar. The right tools and presentation can certainly make drinking at home a pleasure for the eyes and mouth. I included products we personally own so look for the * icon next to those items. I have these favorite coupe glasses I bought in Milan, and I scoured the internet to provide you with a resource so you could buy online. (Yes, they are that good!) I also included some dream items I’d love to own one day. I always lean classic and vintage inspired, which never goes out of style in my opinion. You’ll have these items forever.

1 / Coupe* /This is a coupe I bought in Milan for a photo shoot and it’s my favorite glass! Has a vintage look and makes a beautiful sound when clinked. We use this glass for champagne, martinis and other cocktails.
2 / Nick and Nora Glass / I’ve seen glasses like this in chic bars and have my eye on a set for the future.
3 / Wolcott Optic Coupe Glass / Love the vintage style stem
4 / Vintage Etched Coupe Glasses / I mean, the etching…
5 / Holmegaard Regina Champagne Glass / Easily my fantasy glasses
6 / Dessert Coupe / This glass is on the larger side and a nice item to have, especially cause it can double for serving a mousse.
7 / Raye Nick & Nora / I don’t know if I’d serve champagne in these, but I love them for a Manhattan.

1 / Duralex Manhattan Glass Tumbler* / We have a set of these glasses and I can’t say enough good things about Duralex. You can serve hot and cold drinks in this type of glass, and they are really durable plus dishwasher safe. We take these outside during the summer – they aren’t so precious – we use them for everything. They have a nice heavy feel, and classic look. And if you have limited cabinet space, sit down cause these are also stackable.
2 / Duralex Manhattan High Glass Tumbler* /
3 / Duralex 18-Piece Clear Drinking Glasses & Tumbler Set* / Again, how do I profess my love for Duralex? I use these glasses for a summer cold cocktail, beer, water, the small glasses for wine, water…
4 / Staccato Glasses / Love the detail and vintage vibe
5 / Wilton Water Glass / This is the kind of simple, multi-purpose glass that can serve up a cocktail or double as a water glass.
6 / Vintage Etched Double Old-Fashioned Glasses / This whole collection is really beautiful.
7 / Ellington Drinking Glasses / I’ve never met a fluted glass I didn’t like.

1 / Striulli, Set-Of-Four Murano Glass Tumblers / The glass is so, so, thin.
2 / Party in a Box Cocktail Set / One stop shopping.
3 / Dogale Wine Glass / The gold fecks in the base are 100.
4 / Davide Fuin Tumbler / Whatever you drink from this glass, you’ll like.
5 / Linea Valentina Filigree Diagonal Swirl Tall Glasses / Similar to vintage glasses I purchased in Paris.
6 / Lobmeyr Handpainted Tumbler / No words.
7 / Ann Demeulemeester for Serax / Love the shape.

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  1. Thanks for the round up. I share your enthusiasm for cocktail glassware. I frequently torture myself by finding unusual glasses in photos and trying fruitlessly to find them. 🙂

  2. Rachael says:

    All these glasses are beautiful. I love the Picardie tumblers from Duralex. They’ve been my everyday glasses since I had my first apartment over 30 years ago. I used to replace the *very* rarely broken or lost piece one at a time, but now with three teenagers and a glass-dropping husband, I just order an 18 pc set once in a while. If I need replacements I have them on hand, and extra glasses for company etc. (Just FYI I believe they’re currently on sale at the Duralex site – even more affordable!). Thanks so much for cocktail hour. French 75 is my new favorite drink!

  3. Hen RY says:

    Hi can it be used to drink one of my 30 years of wine. I think it’s awesome

  4. Arda says:

    Wow those glasses are pretty good and modern. This post gave an idea for making cocktail. Thanks!!

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