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Friends!!! I’m not sure if I’m excited or terrified to say this, but we opened a little online shop. I’ve always loved the idea of having a shop. For my friends and family that have known me for a long time, I’ve always been dreaming up some product to sell. In college, it was different personal care items, then I did some moonlighting and sold stationery when I first moved to NYC. I’m ready to test the waters to see if we can fulfill my dream and open a real life shop. But baby steps and online first!

Pictured above: Yellow Fan

House of Brinson
Table and Lamp.

Vintage as Art

There is an art to having a vision for an antique that’s a conversation piece and an item you can style many different ways. The pieces we’ve included in our store, I see so many possibilities for.

This concept began out of two loves: shopping for old furniture and second, restoring old furniture and giving it a new point of view.

I realize that finding a good piece of vintage or antique furniture takes some experience. All of the items we added to the collection, I bought with longevity and timelessness in mind. These are items I’d put in my own home, in fact Will keeps threatening to keep the largest piece. I’ve taken my imagination and applied it to each piece of furniture to give it a new lease on life. Sometimes you get an old piece and it looks like it needs a refresher. Furniture is a bit like people, and believe me, there are days when we could all use a spa day, or an extra hour of sleep.

Empire Dresser

Paper Lined Drawers

Often times older furniture is handmade and the drawers are rough and it’s not pleasant to Konmarie your clothing in an old scratchy drawer. We’ve lined each item so the drawer is nice and fresh for you.

Empire Dresser
Fruitwood Wash Stand and Framed Portrait Tile
Gold Cabinet and Ming Style Vase

Paper Backed Cabinets

After transforming a cabinet for the One Room Challenge, I wanted to extend that experience to all the pieces we sell. Choosing a paper and color palette that serves the mood of each cabinet is our way of adding style. We all want pattern and color in our homes, but wallpapering a whole room can seem like a big commitment. That’s where a pretty cabinet comes in with a splash of paper and color. Plus, if you’re in an apartment, this is a great way to sneak in some color and pattern without loosing your shirt.

All the items we are selling would fit into our Avent Revivalist style. I wrote a post some months back describing the style we look to create. Some of the items listed are not perfect and have a beautiful sense of history. Some are downright rustic while still being a bit formal. I love, love, love the contrast and can’t wait to post new things!

If you want to be the first to know when we post new pieces, sign up for our newsletter. I’ll also include some styling tips and commentary on the items we list for sale.

Also follow our Chairish shop and get a notification when new pieces are added.

House of Brinson

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