Fall One Room Challenge: Week 6

We're renovating, exploring style and design with a dash of cocktail making and cooking thrown in. 

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We completed the One Room Challenge and went through renovation craziness to get to this day! If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know all the twists and turns as we raced through a bathroom renovation in 6 weeks. Below, for your viewing pleasure, are all the ‘after’ images, all the sources and how much we spent. Yes, I’m disclosing our finances. 

House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Art from Ron Nicole. One of the most exciting moments of the ORC!
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Ron Nicole
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Art from Ron Nicole
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
She dreamed up this wall inspired by cameos. A little vintage and classical but very modern.

I have to say, Instagram friends, you surprised me when we went hunting for a cabinet. I got really lucky and found a cabinet for a great deal after visiting several shops along the Hudson River. If you missed the whole saga, see ‘HV Antiquing’ on our Instagram profile. At the end of the day, I told you I found the perfect cabinet for $380.00. It was a bit beat up, but I hit it with my furniture restoration kit and the cabinet took on a new life. Then I painted the inside and put a Gracie panel in the back, only after I lined the drawers. I was surprised how into the budgeting process everyone was. I am a big believer you can get amazing vintage furniture for good prices, if you take the time to hunt for it. And if you take the time to restore it. While I went completely over the top with this cabinet, it will serve as downstairs storage for a variety of house hold goods. I would say with all the work, I put about 15 hours of my time working on the cabinet. 

House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom

House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Cabinet wallpaper background from Gracie. Link below. 
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom

House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom

House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Drawer liner wallpaper from Rejuvenation. Link below. 
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Tassels from Fabricut. Link below. 
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Toilet and bath hardware from Perrin and Rowe. Link below. 

Wall paneling made from supplies from Metrie. Link below. 
Paint is Anchor Grey from Benjamin Moore. Link below. 

House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Bath hardware from Perrin and Rowe. Link below. 
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Bath hardware from Perrin and Rowe. Link below. 
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Lighting buttons and plate from House of Antique Hardware. Link below. 
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Wallpaper, linked below and light, vintage. 
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Sconces, Hudson Valley Lighting. Link below. 
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Bath hardware from Perrin and Rowe. Link below. 
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
I used vintage window hardware. Link below for similar. 
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Floor from New Ravenna. Link below. 
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Ron Nicole Floral Fossils. Links below.  
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Installation of Ron Nicole Floral Fossils. Links below. 
House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom
Door Hardware from Emtek. Product links below. 

A lot of the products for the One Room Challenge are sponsored, so I marked each one (*) for full transparency (we don’t put product in our home we wouldn’t purchase). Two of my largest splurge areas were sponsored, our floor (New Ravenna)  and bathroom fixtures (Perrin and Rowe). When planning a renovation from a financial point of view, those two areas are ones I dedicate a lot of budget to. You keep them for a long time! They should last a lifetime.

I’m relieved the bathroom is completed! When we have company, we don’t have to send them into a bathroom you might not want to use. Plus, we have much needed storage for categories that always floated around the house. For instance, how many places could I store my vases? They used to sit on our kitchen island. And simple things like Advil and tissues were always floating around or we were running up and down stairs for these things. All these observations coming from an apartment dweller. Multiple levels in a house is hard to comprehend when you spent your entire adult life in an apartment. I also consolidated my hoarder level candle collection. 




  • Metrie* (Very good resource for those restoring a home or adding character into a home with no detail.)

Bathroom Hardware and Toilet

All our items are in unlacquered brass (meaning they will age darker over time). We’re using nickel in another bathroom. Perrin and Rowe (via Rohl) has multiple finish options. 



Door and Door Hardware

All door hardware from Emtek in unlacquered brass. You can change the knob styles and finish colors for different combinations. 


  • Antique, purchased in Warwick, NY




  • Ron Nicole, floral fossils I highly suggest getting on the Ron Nicole mailing list if you want collection notifications. They sell out fast!
  • All other art, vintage


Antique Reproduction Hardware

Our whole house will eventually have unlacqured brass light switch plates. We’re going room-by-room and use House of Antique Hardware as a resource. 

What we spent our dollars on

Our total out of pocket for this project were $6,251.53. We spent a decent amount on plumbing because we moved a toilet and had a big leak in the basement. So this was way more expensive than planned. 

Much of the product for this project was sponsored as part of the One Room Challenge (brands participate and 20 design blogger make over a room). We are very particular about gifted product because… it’s in our house! We make sure it’s something we would buy.

Misc Supplies
Wall paper /$280
Electrical / $800
Plumbing / $2,400
Cabinet / $380
Wall paper paste / $5 
Foam core / $18
Pleather, canvas / $15
Mirror / $220
Antiques / $300
Misc Shipping  $300 / $100

Tile Setting Supplies
Lowe’s / $123 
Lowe’s (cement board) / $91 
Cleaning supplies / $10 

General Hardware Store Supplies
Door / $10
Harbor Freight / $62.24 
Router bits / $47.94 
Router and table / $74.27
Router / $ 76.67
Saw / $140.55
Level / $200.00
Painting / $36.63
Plumbing Supplies / $61.50

What we didn’t spend our dollars on

Here’s a list of items we DIYed. You can save yourself a lot of money if you DIY. We watched a lot of YouTube videos and taught ourself how to do things that might have otherwise been out of our budget. We saved the millwork videos here.

  • Installed wallpaper
  • Installed and customized millwork 
  • Refinished door and installed door
  • Painted
  • Installed tile
  • Sew curtain
  • Refurbished cabinet
  • Installed sink (not plumbing, just the sink aspect)

Be sure to check out the other bloggers doing the ORC. Link list below.

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Media Partner Better Homes & Gardens | TM by ORC

House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom

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  1. Julie Crouch says:

    Stunning! I got teary eyed actually as I have been following on instagram…lol! It is beyond beautiful and I must selfishly say I am a little sad that this particular journey has come to an end..(are any other followers out there feeling happy and sad at the same time? Thank you for sharing this journey with us with such detail…truly inspiring!

  2. Andrea says:

    Looks soo good! Loove all the moody tones and that art installation is amazing!

  3. Terry Clocker says:

    Wow, wow, and WOW!!! Just stunning! I loved following you along on Instagram you give so much insight into your process. Thank you for jumping in and sharing. Again just beautiful…slow golf clap…I can’t pick a favorite right now because the whole thing is just so perfect. And Susan, that cabinet…perfection!

  4. Catherine says:

    It’s absolutely stunning, you two. Each detail is perfect. You did an amazing job!

  5. GGlass says:

    This is gorgeous! We redid our historic powder room two years ago, also tucked behind first floor stairs of a very old, worn out mansion. My husband and I we marveling at how your bathroom genuinely is its fraternal twin, a gilded mirror, sconces, finishes, millwork, we used an antique bureau as the sink consile (we didn’t have your mind blowing sink and pipes, holy smokes!), and we went with and inky dark blue. Enjoy your hard work. We hope you just stand and high five each other, again and again. It’s just stunning! Stunning.

  6. Deb Meyers says:

    Exquisite. Exciting. Different while familiar. I completely love this room.

    Thank you for all the details of the ongoing story, I really did want all the details and you delivered. Well done!

  7. Ronni Nicole says:

    You guys have outdone yourselves. This is absolutely spectacular. I don’t even know what to say but wow. I’m so happy to have been part of this gorgeous design. I’m going to go back and swoon some more before I jump up and down in excitement!!!

  8. Ronni Nicole says:

    You guys have outdone yourselves. This is absolutely spectacular. I don’t even know what to say but wow. I’m so happy to have been part of this gorgeous design. I’m going to go back and swoon some more before I jump up and down in excitement!!

  9. SPECTACULAR! I could not wait to get up to see this transformation this morning. A timeless, jewel box of a bathroom. BRAVO. rest now. xx Natasha

  10. Nadine says:

    Susan and Will! As always it is so beautiful to see how your hard work transforms this aged lady into its originally glory! It’s so inspiring to follow your journey. If this would be my bathroom, I could hardly do anything else than look around the corner and enjoy every little piece in this gorgeous place.

    P.S. I would love to see how the leather on the cabinets shelf turned out?
    P.P.S. Excuse my phrases, I’m no native speaker.

  11. Jessica says:

    This transformation is absolutely stunning. I am currently in the process of renovating an old home (built in 1866) as well and I have found endless inspiration (and very helpful knowledge) from watching your journey. I have been stalking your blog and instagram stories. I will say that while I too feel a tinge of sadness that this project is done, I am also really looking forward to what you will transform next! Please don’t stop sharing, I love that you are staying true to the era of the house and aren’t afraid to do something unique.

  12. Barb says:

    I have enjoyed watching this bathroom transformation on Instagram. The results are absolutely perfection. You two are a dynamic design force! Thank you for sharing your vision and talent. I am inspired!

  13. Jenny says:

    This bathroom is quickly & positively #1 on my bathroom inspo list. This is soo stunning, every detail. So rich & layered yet somehow effortless. Beautiful!!

  14. Ray says:

    I adore this bathroom so much, and seriously admire all the thought and hard work you have put into it. I have been following along on instagram and genuinely looked forward to your stories and hearing about your process! Thank you for sharing with us!!

  15. Susie says:

    Breathtaking. Total perfection.

  16. Blair says:

    This is one of the most beautiful bathrooms I’ve ever seen. Bravo!

  17. thelady says:

    Oh my goodness. The shot from the hall is giving me chills–that is my absolute favorite, the view of a room as seen from another room…that incredible cabinet pulling you in! I’m glad I have today off, it’s laundry day at my house and I have an excuse to read your ENTIRE WEBSITE from start to finish again!!! 🙂

  18. Caroline Culver says:

    This is absolutely stunning! I was so worried with all the setbacks that yall wouldn’t get finished. You did, though! And completely blew my mind! I want it all. Every. Single. Bit. The walls though! And! I love how you organized the cabinet.

    Congratulations. This room is beautiful.

  19. OMG!! I am drooling all over this bathroom! It literally took my breath away! That mirror, the floral fossils, the wall color, the millwork. All so amazing!!!

  20. Christine says:

    Add me to the list of those slightly disappointed not to see all of your progress on this bathroom on Insta. I totally hoarded your stories for my lunch hour and listened quietly in my office. You both have an amazing design sense! This bathroom is just pure perfection.

  21. Hilary French says:

    Its a magical room! The cabinet is a thing of beauty. Thank you for sharing here and on Instagram, every time I see a new post from you two I stop what I am doing and watch/read. Looking forward to see how the other bathrooms come out.

  22. Carmel says:

    This is truly stunning! That cabinet……just oh my wow!

  23. JeanFB says:

    Absolutely stunning! I am new to your site, and what a treat to have found you as this gorgeous bathroom unfolded. Thanks for taking us along on the ups and downs of the process. You two put so very much thought into everything, and I love every single last detail. What I love most was that you were so respectful of your home – of the vintage details that could be kept and loved back to life. Only the very best designers/craftspeople can and are willing to do this, and it makes my heart happy. And that art installation – to die for! I’m now following Ronni Nicole!

    I wonder if after you’ve recovered you might answer some questions – namely, how did you hang the mirror? I have an old heavy gilt framed mirror and it’s a bear. It looks like yours hangs out from the wall a bit, over the moulding, but even the top looks a bit like it’s an inch or so out. If you could share the logistics I’d be so grateful. Thanks again for sharing your home with us! I’m looking forward to the next room!

    • Welcome! Thanks for following and appreciating all the hard work. We do love this old place.
      The mirror is super delicate at the top. Every time I (Will) touched it would terrify me. We wanted to break the lines of the wall, so that’s why we hung it below the moulding. It has two eye screws in the back with heavyweight wire. I simply used an extra large picture hanger hook to hang this. The great thing about picture hanging hooks is that the nail goes in at a downward angle which allows extra stress to be put on the wall. As you add weight it pulls itself closer to the wall. This mirror only needed one but we have used two for other heavier pieces.

  24. Susan Lenihan says:

    Spectacular. You never disappoint. Makes me want to Reno another old house. Just not sure about the arrangement of the plaster molded pieces. I love them, but I guess I’m a symmetrical kinda gal. It’s outside of my comfort zone, but I’m working on it. I promise. ? What’s next on the Reno list? Can’t wait for the kitchen!!

  25. JeanFB says:

    Thank you Will! I will have to try two of those extra large hooks, that should do it. And Yes, I love that it hangs over top of the moulding. Looks beautiful.

  26. I’m dead. That cabinet is everything, and the entire room is so beautiful that I could cry. I could cry over a bathroom. Ha! Well done!

  27. megan says:

    it was so fun to design a room along side you as a featured designer. Your room is my absolute favorite and I loved watching your stories!!! Well done. thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  28. April says:

    Really beautiful and well done. I love all the details.

  29. Amy KS says:

    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! this bathroom is simply stunning and the floral fossil art?!? Holy Mackerel! I love every bit of this room.

  30. Kate says:

    Absolutely stunning! Every bit of it, especially the flooring. You both have absolutely inspired me. Watching your process on Insta was so informative. Thank you so much for taking us on your journey with you.

  31. Love that this is so unlike anything else you ever see.

    It’s truly stunning!

  32. Stunning as always! So honored to have taken part in this fall’s challenge with you… you are always an inspiration!

  33. Mallory says:

    This is just breathtaking! I love your design aesthetic and the thought process behind your decisions. I look forward to your updates so much! I also get a little sad when they are done, but I’m so happy you are restoring this home and get to enjoy the fruit of your labor!!

  34. Oh my goodness! This bathroom is so beautiful! I especially love the moody vibe. That floor tile is the best thing I have seen. And the floral fossils are really so delicate and Pretty! Love it all! Congratulations.

  35. Marie says:

    This is so beautiful ….. Just a wonderful look overall. Bravo !!

  36. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Loved watching the saga unfold and the final result, as with most of these ORCs, is well worth the blood, sweat, and tears. And sleepless, last few nights. As a recovering ORCer, I applaud the Herculean efforts to get to the finish line on your own grit. The first time we did the bath, I was peeing in a bucket in the backyard – the glory of one bathroom and doing your own work! Everything is stunning, especially the cabinet.

  37. I love how you kept so much beautiful character in this space – seriously amazing job!

  38. Julie says:

    Stunning! What a dramatic change from looking straight at the old shower unit! That cabinet is a masterpiece and I feel like it is a nod to the original servant hallway space – I can envisage it once full of antique dining room accoutrement which the servants could grab quickly, as required. It’s certainly vastly more interesting for visitors to sneak a peek through than your average medicine cabinet, ha ha!

  39. This bathroom is so moody and delicious, I can’t hardly stand it. Those cameos, that flooring, that rich wood hutch … drrrrrrooooolinngggg. ?

  40. What an amazing bathroom! I love the cabinet and all the details. Nice work!!

  41. This is insane!! all the details and refined touches, who is to say old isn’t the perfect new again! the porcelain art is precious, the hex marble floor, and that vanity and the not-so-u-trap, you had me at hello! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  42. brandeye says:

    This looks SO great! It is the most formal and wonderful guest bath I’ve ever seen. What a beauty!

  43. R. Pyper says:

    Just beautiful. Every inch is breathtaking. Your cabinet was worth every minute spent on it; I’m a fellow cabinet-in-the-bathroom person, but yours is truly inspiring. Well done.

  44. In love with this room! Beautifully done. Took my breath away for sure.

  45. Laurie says:

    I just want to keep looking and looking at this room! I didn’t think anything could top your last ORC with that stunning green bedroom. But I was wrong! This is one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever seen…and it’s amazing that you managed such a transformation on that budget! Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring. Eye candy for days.

  46. Laureg says:

    So beautiful! You are both so talented, and should be so proud of your newly renovated bathroom. It’s one of the loveliest bathrooms I’ve ever seen!

  47. Nicole says:

    Your drainpipe from Whoville is my favorite thing I’ve seen so far. I now realize I’m not living life right until I have handles on my toilet seat.

  48. Cat says:

    Stunning. Every. Tiny. Detail. By which I mean, I adore that (and how) you celebrate every square centimeter with lovely, considered, and finely executed detail. Brava, bravo.

  49. Linda | ORC says:

    Stunning! Every single detail is spot on. It is amazing how you are able to always stay true to the origin of your historic home. Well done!

  50. S@sha says:

    Really excellent job. Your house is amazing and sophisticated even unrenovated, and this feels like it really could be original to it. In a world where most people seem to think that renovating a house means stripping it bare and redoing every single finish because old = bad, it’s nice to see something different. You do a great job of embracing the style appropriate to your house in a modern way rather than changing the house to fit current trends. Your talents as photographers and stylists enable you to make the old house cool and moody. I’m glad that you have so much house left to do so that there is plenty of future content for us to enjoy! I can’t wait until you get to your kitchen!

    • Thank you so much. Yes OLD is amazing. Plus it feels really good to make something your own, by getting fully involved. Thanks for the support, every little bit means so much when your pushing towards a goal. Big THANKS!

  51. Denise says:

    Wow, absolutely stunning. I have loved following along each week to see your original design come to life. PS – I always wish people would tell me when I have food stuck in my teeth, and for that reason I feel as though I should mention one of the BEAUTIFUL photos of your BEAUTIFUL bathroom (shown twice) has a roll of paper towel stuck behind the toilet seat lid. I’m going to assume gratefully that it was an intentional move to feel those of us mere mortals admiring your stunning design to feel more connected to your other-worldly talent.

  52. I love the cameos! This is so beautiful.

  53. Kate Anderson says:

    Hello! I am beyond obsessed with everything in this bathroom especially the sink. How did you go about sourcing it. Did you find it somewhere. I think I missed this after reading all of your posts. Thanks for your help!


    • The sink came with the house! It’s the only item we kept from the old bathroom. I’ve seen them sold at restoration type places.

      • nina goodless-sanchez says:

        ugggg…after scrolling thru so many of your lovely comments on this most stunning powder room i see that i cannot buy that console sink and that amazing underneath”pipes”. do you know where you could buy anything similar?

        • I’ve only seen this in one other place, I think the pipe under the sing is very rare. The top part of the sinks and legs you can find at most good salvage places. Good luck!

  54. ana says:

    Hello! What a perfect work! Pure art! I would like to do something like this gabinet, because where I live is just impossible to find. Would tell me the high of this part in marble just over the sink to the mirror. Thank you!

  55. Gregory Real Estate says:

    Love it. It looks amazing.

  56. Jen Thomas says:

    Where did you find that circular p-trap under the sink?

  57. Sheryl says:

    Hello, your project turned out beautifully! Would you mind sharing what the molding you used from Metrie for the wainscot panel in the bathroom?

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