Fall One Room Challenge: Week 4

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I knew this week of the One Room Challenge would be a tough one in old home renovation land, but as of last night, didn’t know it would be this tough. We were out of town for a four day weekend, meaning a lot of work was not happening. We knew this in advance and felt really good leaving on Friday because on Thursday we had the plumbing issue that was holding us up resolved. Yes, there is about  $1,300 worth of unplanned plumbing expenses in our basement. I just might feature images of our new PVC pipe during the reveal. The radiator was lifted and bolted to the wall so we could lay the floor. We planned on coming home and laying the concrete board so we could lay the tile floor today (Wednesday).

EXCEPT THE LEAK. The radiator was leaking. The plumber is coming today to disconnect the radiator and we can get on with laying the floor. At this point I’m crazy nervous about completing this project on time, but Will is still optimistic.

I’m now going into def con mode to work on projects ahead of time, even though it seems completely out of order. Plus, I wanted to share the amazing products we’re including in the room. We are going to finish painting and install the room in a flash. I normally like a little bit of time, so I can study the styling and shop for any last minute items. It might be impossible this time, so I’m going to work very out of order. 

Things I can do this week to work ahead:

  • Make curtain. I was going to put a little cafe curtain on the bottom half of the window. I can prewash the fabric and sew the curtains. 
  • Finish cabinet. Ummm, did you see the Gracie wallpaper that’s going on the top of the cabinet? Plus I need to find some leather for the desk area. I can complete the cabinet so it’s a quick move to the bathroom.  
  • Layout all art work. I have some ideas of what I want to do, I can get that together and have some selections set aside. 
  • Clean up vintage light fixture. I have this amazing light fixture for the center of the room but it needs some serious TLC. 
  • Clean up old marble sink and try removing stains. The stains don’t bug me too much, but I think giving it a go to lighten them would be worth it. 
  • Strip and prep doors. Cause I don’t have a lot to do until we are in floor laying land, I can work on stripping a few doors. I’m going to work on our upstairs bathroom a bit too – both doors need stripping for that room as well. 

What I’ve learned: if you have multiple trades involved in a project, planning a realistic timeline is difficult. Our electrician and plumber have been more than responsive in getting over here fast and finishing that part of the job, but we’ve had a few twists and turns no one could predict. We have to follow the same process for the upstairs bathroom, which I imagine will be the same. The downstairs powder room and the master bath, we have both electricians and plumbers involved, meaning a lot of planning and timelines could shift. 

Pictured above: Tile from New Ravenna, fixtures from Perrin and Rowe, the lined drawer from the cabinet (liner wallpaper from Rejuvenation). Door knob from Emtek and light plate from House of Antique Hardware. All waiting to be installed. Below, our new $1300 plumbing fixture no one will see.

House of Brinson
The most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. 
House of Brinson
Light switches moved to above paneling and plug removed. 
House of Brinson
Our problem…
House of Brinson
Exhaust fan from shower removed and light moved to center of room.
House of Brinson
Floor corner being leveled before concrete board. 
House of Brinson
Wallpaper drawer liners.
House of Brinson
All the products sitting in our dining room. 
Leak city.

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House of Brinson One Room Challenge

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  1. Laura Irion says:

    I’m officially obsessed with your project. I can’t wait to see how this turns out! And that tile is hands down the most perfect version of the block I’ve ever seen!

  2. So sorry about the leak. Ugh! I hope you can catch up this week with lost time. I love that tile you selected. SO PRETTY!!! and that drawer liner paper is beautiful. You guys will pull thru and it will be stunning!

  3. Sharon Shearer says:

    Can’t wait to see your room, love what you’re doing, are you sharing resources ?, would love to get some of that paper you’re using for lining the drawers.

  4. Genie Harris says:

    Been following you for awhile and I am AMAZED at how you layer textures, and do these unconventional things which turn out to be quite classical. You are both so very talented and Susan your creative eye is very inspiring. I would also love to know what drawer liner paper you are using, as I am doing a bathroom remodel as well and that paper is understated and lovely. Good luck guys, and God speed!!!!!

  5. Lauren says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’m now obsessed with drawer liners (thank you)! It looks like you used wallpaper and wallpaper paste. I have some William Morris wrapping paper on order–do you think modge podge would work, or don’t you recommend using thinner paper?
    Thanks for any guidance…

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