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Here’s our wish list, plus our favorites. Items we are craving and old favorites that are near and dear.

Susan’s Favorites

A collection of items I own and would highly recommend for gifts. A great gift is something that you normally might not buy for yourself.

  1. La Mer Gift Set Everyone wants to know if it’s worth it! It is. I’ve been using this since my late 20s.
  2. Muji Porcelain Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser
  3. Pop Socket Don’t make fun. If you have a big phone, this will save you from hand cramps plus steady your hand when doing video and taking pictures. And only $10.
  4. Mason Pearson Hair Brush A luxe hair brush – I’ve had one for over 8 years and would never buy another hair brush.
  5. Mrs. Delany and Her Circle Book Will bought this book for me years ago and it’s an all time fav. Floral paper crafts and women ahead of their time.
  6. M. Gemi Shoes I’ve worn a hole in mine I love them so much. Beautifully made and comfortable. 


Susan’s Wish List

These are the products I stalk on Instagram and things that would improve my day-to-day life. Ya know, stuff I’d love to have.

  1. Noir Bed Side Table We don’t have much furniture in our bedroom and I’d feel more organized and put together if I had a place for my stuff. 
  2. Aera Home Diffuser Set I’ve been obsessed with this and I think it would out smell Nero and Sugar. 
  3. Bamboo and Hibiscus Exfoliating Cream I’m obsessed with this company and exfoliating seems like a good idea in the winter.
  4. Coyuchi Pillows In 2018 my mission is going to be a comfortable, functional bedroom. New pillows are part of the game plan. 
  5. Arca Swiss Cube a.k.a. Geared Tripod Head Okay, I know this is expensive, but I’d love it so hard. I used this once on a shoot, now anything less sucks. 
  6. Cuyana Oversized Tote We travel a lot and I’m short a carry all that I can keep cramming stuff into. 
  7. This is Ground Mod Tablet 4 My obsession for organization runs deep. Another item to keep me organized on the go.


Will’s Favorites

These are items that I own and use the hell out of! A mix of things that inspire you to feel knowledgeable and comfortable.

  1. Rolling Stones : Goat’s Head Soup This is a must have for any rock and roll junkie like myself. On vinyl of course.
  2. Creme with Silk Groom I’ve got a mop for a head of hair and this tames it bit.
  3. Blo-Poke Fireplace Tool This is a gift we received from the wonderful Sid Mashburn after we photographed him for GQ. It’s a fireplace poker that has a hollow shaft to blow air through to perk up the fire.
  4. Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe The length of the handle on this compact axe gives you the perfect leverage to take out small trees and clear brush.
  5. Buck Mason Slub Curved Hem V-Neck Tee Everyone deserves a great black tee, and I love this one because the bottom is rounded. It allows you to reach and stretch in public without showing the world your under-developed abs.
  6. Nomad Leather Case Leather Case I’m a sucker for leather and you will be too after you see how this iPhone case patinas.


Will’s Wish List

This is my fantasy list of beautiful products that have caught my eye this year. From small makers to large.

  1. Red Wing Shoes Iron Ranger I’m really hard on my boots and these look like they can hold up to any cocktail party or foraging adventure.
  2. Native Union Dock : White Marble Edition I thought this would look great on the side tables for the bedroom that Susan picked out above. I always use my phone as an alarm.
  3. BillyKirk Black No. 495 Camera Strap For as much as we use our cameras, I thought this would be a nice treat.
  4. Rivay NYC Winfield Wool Pinstripe Overshirt I saw this overshirt in person at Field and Supply this year, and it was pure quality and warmth.
  5. Nomad Multi-Port USB Charging Hub You can never have enough ports, and this one looks so much more stylish than what’s out there.
  6. All-Clad LTD 3 qt Saucepan We heavily use our pots and pans and the All-Clad LTD series has treated us well. It’s time to expand on our collection.

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