Insta Year 2014: The Dogs

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I’ll admit to restraining myself from posting a million cheesy dog pictures on Instagram. Will watches my obsession carefully, keeping me in check. Of course most of you know Nero, our seven year old boxer. We’ve had Nero since he was a puppy (rejected by a breeder for having half his ‘package’, if ya know what I mean). Nero has been a handful since he was the craziest puppy I’ve ever seen, hyper beyond belief. A sweet dog, who enjoys human and canine companionship, we decided to get Nero a little sister.

We talked about getting a second dog after moving to the country and thought Nero was a little lonely. He was so used to going to the park and having his dog buddies to hang out with every day. In the country he spent a lot of time by himself. We adopted Sugar from Ready for Rescue in the late summer. When we were in the process of adopting Sugar, Doug from Ready for Rescue, was up front with us and told us that she was very high energy and needed training. After having crazy Nero we could’t imagine a dog with more energy so we said no big deal. To this day, Nero at his middle-aged self, out plays Sugar. It kinda cracks me up, that a puppy struggles to keep up with Nero.

We’re so happy we took the leap and adopted Sugar. To see Nero have a buddy to play with (though we do call Sugar Nero’s girlfriend since he dotes on her so much) makes us happy and restores balance to our home. Nero and Sugar do everything together, and Nero is helping train Sugar. He teaches her the right way to play, how to cuddle and to keep off his treats. We’re happy we could provide Sugar a safe home after her rough start in life. She was found on the streets of East New York, and landed herself on a euthanasia list when Ready for Rescue stepped in to rescue her. We are so glad they did cause we love our Sugar! It’s been a fulfilling process to see her change from a dog, to a dog that loves and trusts us. She’s just started making eye contact with us and giving us ‘sweet eyes’. I’ll post some new pictures on Instagram and you can see her change in pictures. Rescuing a pit bull mix has taught us a lot about stereotypes and how much we need to do to change the public opinion about these wonderful dogs. At the end of the day they are dogs, and need training and leadership.

Hope you have a home with a furry companion. They bring so much into our life and teach us to relax. I mean, it’s all about the toys, cookies, blankets and park right?

Thanks for following us this past year and see you on Instagram!


Nero with another blanket. 




Nero sun napping with his buddy, Orzo. 




The bed. 


Monday morning. 


Clearly he’s freezing without his blanket. 



This is what happens when I tell Nero to get off the bed. 



Nero is a city dog and despite us having 17 acres, if the grass is wet, he finds it gross and won’t step off this tiny piece of blue stone on our back yard. City slicker. 




Sugar on her first day with the Brinson Family. 



Nero and his buddy Orzo. 



These two cuddle all the time. 



Nero and Sugar sporting their new Love Thy Beast collars


When Sugar first arrived at Stony Ford she didn’t know how to ‘relax’ and would spend hours searching for this one squirrel. Now she snoozes for the majority of the day. 


These two sharing a sun nap.


Sugar taking a sun nap.


Nero, master of the human bed. He has issues with laying on our bed and being in love with fine linens in general. 

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  1. boxer says:

    Really lovely photos of your dogs and the house!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Truly beautiful and heart warming post…

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