DIY: Natural Planter and Wreath Gifts

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With the holidays around the corner, I thought I’d share my home made gifts this year. Each year I make an insane amount of cookies and some hand made gifts. Cookies and baking are where it’s at for me but let me tell you, I like two other things, succulents and wreaths. We have two projects here that make the perfect casual gift. You know, when you want to show thoughtfulness, but don’t want to make a huge production or a price tag attached. These little floral gifts are sweet and pretty easy to put together. These cost me under $20 for the plants, and I think the wreaths were about $3 each. That’s sharing supplies and only accounting for what is used on each item. If you make wreaths until you used all your supplies, you get the most for your dollar.

Here’s my tips for getting the most out of your supplies:

  • – Buy dried floral, you can reuse it all year.
  • – Forage in your yard for sticks, pine cones, moss. Whatever you can find.
  • – Stick to one of two color tones. You’ll see mainly white and green tones in my items.
  • – Look for coupons off season and keep a good box of stuff, and buy neutral items only.

For the little planters, I saw this cool looking pod at the floral store I knew I could use as a vessel, so I picked up some succulents at the store for the new pod vase. They also had a cool carved log, that was really small, so I bought itty-bitty plants for it. Who doesn’t love mini things?


Natural planter pods and succulents.


Succulents in vessels, before adding dried floral.


Mini succulents with dried flower accents. 


Succulents in pods with dried flower accents. 

The wreath forms I also picked up at the floral store, or a craft store would carry them as well. These were under a dollar, making them just the right price for little projects like this. If you decide to put these around this house, you can reuse the wreath forms.


HOB_Wreath_6 HOB_Wreath_5 HOB_Wreath_4 HOB_Wreath_3 HOB_Wreath_2 HOB_Wreath_1

Hope you’re inspired to create for the holidays and make some hand made gifts.

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