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When we were asked to partner with Framebridge for this post, I almost jumped up, outta my chair saying YES! YES! YES! I’d love to try a new framing service… let me back up a bit and tell you why. We’ve been living at Stony Ford for about a year now. We committed to live in the house to get a feel for it before we started to decorate it, which I’d highly recommend. We didn’t hang up any of our art work, cause I didn’t like any of the wall colors. Well, every wall color was mustard yellow or some version of it, which is a color that is a real turn off for me. For a year, we’ve lived in a space that we really didn’t love. And I love art, and our art work wasn’t hanging or was in a pile of unframed things that we couldn’t enjoy.

To say the least we are beyond busy with the renovations, which we are doing ourselves, plus our careers. I’m the worst at framing our art. I’m not even kidding, I procrastinate so much and have no good reason. I’d say framing comes high on my list of items procrastinated, right after going to the dentist. I always forget to put the art in the car, and never want to go to the frame shop cause it takes a while. Not to mention framing in general is just really expensive. I’ll never forget one time I splurged on a piece of art and spent a lot for a big piece. I was happy to support the artist, and was excited to get my illustration framed. The framing cost almost the same amount as the art! So I put framing off, and our art lives in a pile.

I had four items to frame that I’ve had for months. Months. One was our flower print that I wanted to put in our bedroom above my dresser. And the others were historic prints about the house. I’m here to tell you all the reasons I’ve procrastinated framing in the past, that Framebridge has solved. I downloaded and used the Framebridge app and it was really easy. I snapped pictures of the art with my phone then realized I was running late and had to hop on a train to go in the city. Using the app I placed my framing order on a moving train. No more excuses from me! I do everything on my phone, so the fact that I could do this on my phone changed my procrastinating self! I selected the mats and frames on the app, it takes you through step by step and even shows you a sample of what your art work will look like when it’s finished. I also knew exactly how much each item would cost, and with traditional framing the prices varied so much that you never knew how much you were spending. Framebridge also sends tubes for you to mail your art to them, and everything is postage paid, so you can just give it to your carrier. When my items arrived they were packaged beautifully, and they even came with the nails!

Let’s talk design now! Our bedroom has a fresh coat of paint and you’re getting a sneak peak on what it’s going to look like when it’s finished. I had one design challenge in our bedroom: I have a dresser that’s off tone. I love antique furniture, but most of it has an orange undertone which clashes with our pink walls. My solution was to put the dresser between two white doors and hang a huge picture that ties it back to the pink of the room. I choose a frame that had an orange undertone so it’d tie into the dresser. This worked out rather well, as there were lots of styles of frames to choose from, it was easy to fill that specific design need. I love the scale and I asked that the photograph was framed with no mat, so the photograph would look more like a painting.


For the dining room, I wanted to keep some visual notes of the history of Stony Ford. So I’ve reunited some old favorites! Green Mountain Maid was a female horse that gave birth to some of Charles Backman’s most important horses, she was bred with Hambletonian. I found a print of each, and now they are reunited on the walls of Stony Ford. I don’t know if this is technically perfect for a horse breeders point of view, but I live the spirit! I also found an old picture of the Smoking Room (which we think was our bedroom) and had this framed so we compare what the room looks like now to what the room looks liked like in the 1880s. I love it, these pictures make for great conversation.


I hope you’re inspired to spruce up your home for the upcoming holidays. I love technology and how much easier it makes our lives, not to mention innovative business models. To me, Framebridge is doing what Warby Parker did for the eye glass industry. Both companied have beautifully designed products, use technology to make the customer experience better, and cut out industry bloat which makes for better pricing. I can get down with that, it’s smart business.

Framebridge has provided a discount code for House of Brinson readers. You can get 30% off three or more frames using the code 3FRAME30.

This post is a partnership with Framebridge. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting content that keeps House of Brinson going.

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