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With the dawn of our new blog, I also wanted to take the opportunity to start something else new, a cookbook club. I am a sucker for a new cookbook, and yes, I admit to looking at the photos first.

Each month I will select a cookbook, old or new, and give you my thoughts. But I don’t want it to stop there, I want to hear your thoughts and photos too! We can all chime in under the #HOBcookbookclub hashtag. On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I would love to hear your thoughts and see your photos of what you made from the cookbook of the month.

On Instagram and Twitter just hashtag your images with #HOBcookbookclub and on Facebook you can comment on the cookbook club post each month. I’m really looking forward to seeing which recipes from the cookbook inspires you.

Our first book for the cookbook club is an old favorite of mine and just in time to turn to for the winter, “French Feasts: 299 Traditional Recipes for Family Meals and Gatherings“. This cookbook is loaded with hearty, warm winter recipes and funny informative illustrations. I’m a sucker for copper or metal roasting dishes that have years of baked on goodness and this is the cookbook that will help you get there. The recipes range from easy to time consuming, but they are all simple enough to work your way through. I really think the author gives you a peek into the rustic nature of French home cooking. If you have hunters in the family they will love some of the wild game recipes. For me, there are a few recipes that call for main ingredients like “fillet of boar” that I know I may not find in our local grocery stores. The author makes up for it with so many other great recipes that have everyday ingredients. Here are a few of my favorite recipes form the cookbook: Bresse Chicken (p. 238), Butcher’s Wife’s Pork Chops (p. 228), and Veal Stewed with Cream (p. 200).

So follow us on Instagram @houseofbrinson or Twitter @houseofbrinson Facebook to join the conversation and see my attempt at “Grandmother’s Veal Chops” (p. 200). Enjoy!

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