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I wanted to do a quick post on creativity. It’s something that’s been on my mind as I, and all of us, continue to evolve in our careers and creative endeavors. We’re renovating our house and I’ve learned something important: renovation is a creativity killer! Yes, If you have a creative career and renovate, it is really difficult. I think once we get a few key rooms done, those can be our escapes. We have yellow in almost every major room that we shoot in for the blog. It casts a yellow ‘glow’ in all our images making them very hard to color correct. We actually thought our color correct monitor was broken! LOL. For those of you who shoot in your home, there’s a reason photo studios are painted white. We’re working on painting our dining room/library a deep blue, which should have a lovely cool toned cast in our images. Then I’ll unpack all the props and huddle in there to shoot for the blog. I can’t get over how having a specific work space can affect your creativity.

In the mean time here’s how I’ve been staying inspired and a few interviews I’ve done. 

I like Sandra’s email newsletter check out Raincoast Creative Salon and sign up on the right of the page. It always has nice little bits that interest me and she also sets up Instagram challenges, like this one.

Design Sponge has been filled with creative inspiration. I’ve become quite the Instagram addict, and love the hashtag challenges, even if I scroll the feed to see what everyone is up to in Instagram land. I really enjoyed this post on defining success.

I was super excited when Grace asked me to be on her radio show earlier this year. The topic is something dear to my heart: how we define ourselves as creatives. Have a listen here. I think this is an amazing on-going topic that will continue to evolve, especially as industries change and move forward.

I also got to pick my top 5 for this interview at Terry’s Blinds. See pictures of our house and my design inspirations. There are lots of interviews with the industries top creative minds on their blog.

I love hopping over to VSCO to check out their blog for inspiration. There are some photographers they feature who use only an iPhone. I seriously can’t get over it. It goes to show what you can do with a phone. If you love photography, but don’t want to get hung up on technology, it’s really inspiring.

I do think staying creative and inspired is a challenge. What do you do to stay creative? I’d love to know.

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