DIY: Line a Curio Cabinet

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Well, let me start by saying: I’m excited to share my craft side with you! I don’t know why I haven’t put more crafts on the blog, I grew up crafting with my mom and sister. Anyone remember the country style revolution of the 80s? I survived. When I was in college, I worked in a frame shop and always liked the intricate projects that required sewing, glueing or whatever technique was required. Let’s put some of these forgotten skills of mine to good use! 

Part of the decorating theory I’d like to focus on for our hallways is displaying all of our collections and curiosities. Our hallways are so large I see them as one strangely shaped, continuous room. I want to make them interesting so you linger and explore. I think of the romantic Victorians with their odd collections, yet elegant way of living. I’m on the hunt for case goods, be it display cabinets, or regular cabinets that need a paint job and bit of love.

I’m going to line the pictured cabinet in linen. You can use whatever material you like, but I love me some fancy linen. If you have a nice patterned sheet, or colored sheet, you can use that too. I’m choosing a dark fabric because it will display the objects I’m choosing to place in this cabinet, well and let face it, I just like the way stuff looks on a dark surface. 

For supplies you’ll need:

  • Fabric of your choice. Make sure to measure your case so you have enough fabric. 
  • 3/16″ foam core in white (you could use black if your fabric is dark)
  • Iron
  • T pins
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Xacto 
  • Ruler

Here’s the step by step guide for how to line a case good:

  1. Measure the interior of your case and pencil down the measurements.
  2. Measure twice! just the bottom of the case, and cut a piece of foam core that size.
  3. Cut your fabric about an inch larger all around, and using the T-pins, secure it on the sides. You can use double sided tape to secure the overhang, but remember the t-pins are doing the heavy lifting.
  4. Place the bottom piece in.
  5. Measure twice! and cut the two long sides. Remember the height, because that will be the same for the short sides.
  6. Cut your fabric with the inch overhang, and pin three sides. With my cabinet, the top side is exposed, I’m going to use double sided tape so you don’t see the pins on the top. If your sides are hidden, use the pins, it’ll last longer. 
  7. Using double sided tape, secure to the sides of the cabinet. 
  8. With the bottom and two long sides in place, measure for the short sides. Repeat steps 6 and 7. 

Tip: Measure very carefully. Notice how I don’t cut all the foam core pieces at once, I did it in a step by step fashion? This makes it so much easier to get a nice fit with the foam core.

If you’re on a budget decorating, you can create some amazing designs with well-priced vintage and fabric to line the cabinet area. I’m going to keep looking out for great pieces and soon enough our hallways will be complete. 

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  1. Christina Brewton says:

    Nice furniture. Looking gorgeous. I love it.
    You are so creative.
    Thanks for sharing your informations.

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