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After living through 3 months of intense renovation, it’s time to start decorating and doing something fun around the house. I’ve been relearning how to buy furniture since we moved in, and let me tell ya, the furniture buying landscape has changed a lot in the past four years. There are so many wonderful online sites that have popped up, making different style of furniture, specifically antiques and gently used furniture, much more accessible. My sister, Heather, emailed me a link from Chairish and there went two hours of my night, shopping around. 

One thing anyone who knows me and my decorating theories will hear me preach about is having too much of a ‘local’ home. Meaning it looks like you bought everything in your home within a 20 mile radius. I like a more eclectic look, and I’ll go out of my way to buy a piece of furniture when I travel and shop at stores that carry a mix of styles that might not be available in my direct area. 

ABOVE IMAGE/ Master Bedroom // Left / Middle / Right // Dining Room // Left /

ABOVE IMAGE/ Hallways // Left / Middle / Right/ Living Room // Left / Middle / Right/ Guest Bedroom // Left / Right

So, let’s get into the logistics of how we’re going about decorating Stonyford. We bought a historic house because we love its character, we don’t want to change anything about the house. But when you think about all the styles this house has seen: it was well aged in the Victorian times, saw the roaring 20s and the era of Mad Men in the 50s and 60s. I’m not stuck with using a particular period of furniture, I’m leaning towards all periods being represented. You can check out our entire collection here. I love that there are so many diverse styles to choose from on one site. Chairish just launched a mobile app if you like to shop on the go (I fully admit to doing all my holiday shopping while commuting this past season!).

Now it’s time to get shopping. Chairish is giving away a $200 gift certificate. Enter here until February 28, 2014. Read the full rules here. We can’t wait to see who wins and what treasure you’ll find!

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