October: Sunday Snack Mushroom Toast

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What happened to September? It seems to have gone by so quickly! October is easily one of my favorite months of the year, I love transitional seasons of spring and fall. We have a busy, busy month coming up. We’re moving this month(!!!!) and I’m sure that will be interesting. More to come on that front.

Here’s a little snack for the fall: Mushroom Toast with¬†sage. We used a variety of our favorite mushrooms like chanterelle, maitake and baby portobello. Cook mushrooms and chopped sage in a pan with a little butter, salt and pepper. Then put a heaping pile on toast, voila! You have an amazing snack.

Happenings this month:

– I attended the Better Homes and Garden Style Maker party. Let me tell ya, ya’ll know how opinionated I am about magazines. These ladies (and Eddie) have it going on. The magazine has evolved into a modern and relevant read (and it’s been around for many years). I like how their stories are multi layered and have a few different angles. For instance they’ll have a story on someone’s outdoor space, plus how they use it for entertaining. Of course, I love it.

– Anyone notice us in Daily Candy? I was excited! Thanks for featuring us Daily Candy.

– We taught our styling class at Alt for Everyone (twice!). Thanks to Alt for having us, and all those who attended our class. We love teaching and like to see bloggers stylin’ n profiling’.

– On that note, I’m teaching a class on rebranding your blog on Alt Channel. We might have a few things up our sleeves here. If your thinking about making a change on your blog, this class is a must take!

– We had a little party to close out our loft in NYC and Nero, who rarely gets table food, knows a party means food. You can follow his hashtag #itshardbeingnero on instagram if you want to keep up with his food fantasies.

– We were lucky enough to try a coffee cake from Too Pretty to Eat Bakery. And, wow, order one. If you want to make a foodie very, very, very happy, order one. I’m a baker and have been known to be a little judg-ie of other baked products. This get an A++ in my bakery book. Crunchy, soft, sweet, salty. Mmmm.

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