September: Sunday Snack

We're renovating, exploring style and design with a dash of cocktail making and cooking thrown in. 

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Can you believe summer is almost over? In an attempt to capture the last days of summer, we grilled some peaches and served them with honey, creme fraiche and micro greens. Peaches can take about 15 minutes to 20 minutes to grill depending on their ripeness. The ripe ones will go fast so keep an eye on them. I could eat peaches everyday in the summer, they’re one of my favorite seasonal fruits.

I didn’t post Sunday Snacks last month since we were rapped up in a new project, so I have two months of happenings to catch you up on! Ready?

– Our friend Dave Cooper inspired us by following his dream. Check out his story if you are thinking of a career/life change.

– Someone was funny enough to open a fake United Airlines twitter account @unitedairlanes. They response to customer services issues and it’s a pretty genius twitter feed. Here’s a link to the best of tweets.

– Check out Martha Stewart’s American Made. They have a great event in NYC each year, plus the website is full of talented makers from our local lands. Think early holiday shopping.

– We’ll be teaching a styling class at Alt For Everyone on September 26th. This is an online event that’s as close to the big Salt Lake City event as you can get with out getting on a plane! If you ever wondered how to have a styling strategy (yes, I just said that) for your blog, we’re going to talk about it.

– Wow. Miley. That VMA performance was crazy. So much twitter chatter. I don’t mind that she wanted to take a risk and change her image, but at least be smart about it. Shock value should be sexy, and done right. Here’s a little blast from the past remembering the good old days of the VMAs.

– Check out these donuts I made, pumpkin spice cake style. Instagram rocks.

– In video news, I love the new Jay-Z and JT video. It has the good vs evil thing and some pretty great styling happening. I like to think about what the stylist had to get when I watch these videos. Someone was saying: get me the biggest gold chain you ever saw, a snake, Greek marble statues and 400 champagne glasses. I have a Pinterest board called ‘Videos I Wish I Directed’. I’ll be pinning this one.

– Oh, and, we bought a house. More on that later.


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