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We wanted to share a little sample from our first CSA ever! Can you believe that we never signed up for a CSA? I have no idea why not, it’s an amazing experience.

A CSA is Community Sponsored Agriculture. People buy into shares of crops in advance with local farms. For the farms it’s great, they know they’re guaranteed to sell a certain amount of product and know how much to produce. For us, we get a box of goodies every two weeks. We don’t know what will be in the box and that’s the part we really love. Even though we are super foodies, we admit to being in a ‘food slump’. Does that ever happen to you? Here are the symptoms of a food slump: take out pizza sounds AMAZING, you aren’t into cooking and all of your go-to recipes sound bor-ing. We were so there, and decided to sign up for the CSA because we’d be given a box of ingredients and have to be creative. 

So for our first box, which was like Christmas morning, came with all kinds of goodies. Here’s where I hit the wall: three bags of SALAD. I admit to not being a salad lover. I hear people rave over how much they LOVE a salad and I was always like, umm, ok, I can name one million things better that a salad. So, when I saw three bags of salad, I was a skeptic. But I have to admit, it was amazing. The salad tasted like something, so I poked around in it and found all kinds of interesting, pretty pieces of green. I don’t even know what the names are, our botanical study is purely visual. I seasons the salad with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Our CSA includes eggs and this crazy bacon (which is probably the best bacon I’ve ever had). We poached a dew eggs and  fried up some bacon and layered that over the seasoned salad for breakfast. Pretty good.

Our CSA is from ABC Kitchen, one of our favorite restaurants. When we saw they were doing a CSA via Twitter, we knew we had to sign up. If you’re ever in NYC, make sure you visit ABC Kitchen. Not only is the decor beautiful, but the food is how I would want to cook if I were a chef. Of course you’ll also have to get lost in ABC Carpet and Home. It’s my favorite place to shop for our blog props, but the Creative Director Paulette Cole is an amazing, inspiring woman. 

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