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Can you believe it’s June already? The farmers market is bursting with great produce and radishes are one of our favorite. I’ll have a radish relish recipe for you later this month, but in the mean time, we’ll keep it simple. There is nothing that compliments the spicy radish like creamy butter and salt. Some people like to use sea salt, but I find it too strong and prefer table salt. We cut the radishes up into dipping sized pieces and make the perfect bite. There are lots of variety of radishes, so have fun and experiment.

Waterworks just launched additional lighting to expand their current line. I like all their products, especially the Roman and Williams collaboration. Check out the new lighting here. Loving the smoky glass. After ICFF, I’m sure it will make a big come back.

CB2 has partnered with USA Network’s Characters Unite Campaign “I won’t stand for…” that helps combat discrimination. We’ll be attending the party in Soho Thursday night to help support the cause. Here’s a video from Matt Bomer from White Collar (one of our favorite shows!)

The Art Directors Club is doing some great work with their 50/50 Initiative. I’ve been part of this industry since graduating college and it is in need of some new thought leadership and innovation. I was thrilled to see a movement that includes women on Award Show Juries, Board of Directors, Events and Speaker line ups. One step closer to 50/50 is a step in the right direction. Follow the hashtag #makeit5050 on Twitter.

And just cause… the cutest pile of boxer puppies with a slide! Showing some self restraint and NOT getting a second dog.

It’s been a busy and unpredictable May. Let’s see what this month holds!

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