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I feel like today it is so important to know where things come from. What was made where, is there someone responsible for the quality, is there a soul behind the product. With a wonderful sneak peek from the folks at Beam and Anchor, they led us to the workshops above their shop. It was PDX makers at their best. 

The upstairs workshops were held by Wood & Faulk, Maak Soap Lab and Phloem Studio. It was a collaborative, creative dream space. While all the workshops are separate they all bleed into each other spaces and the common area. Not to mention a shop downstairs to show off all their new wares.

It was such a pleasure to see the behind the scenes action of each studio and know that some real person or persons was behind each thing that was created. From the amazing leatherwork of Wood & Faulk to the sweetness of the Maak Soap Lab to the hand made canoe of Phloem Studio, you could see the handiwork of each artisan, like we had stepped back in time where the people behind the products really mattered.

If you’re ever in Portland, Oregon, I hope you get a chance to take a look at all these craftsmen products in person. If a vist to Portland isn’t in the cards, go to their sites and I know you will be impressed. Like right now at Wood & Faulk they have these amazing patterned coasters that I would love.

Thank you to the folks at Beam and Anchor for letting us run around and explore the wonderful workshops you have upstairs.

Tell them we all said hello!

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